Monday, May 2, 2011

30 days of blogging plus 30 days to a Healthy Home plus GIVEAWAY!!

Okay, so many of my friends took on a 30 day blogging challenge. And since my blogging has been very challenged lately, I thought I should follow in their lead to get some momentum going. Somer said to me jokingly last night, "Shar, I keep checking your blog and Harrison is STILL four!!"

There is actually a formula for this challenge. However, I am not planning on sticking to the formula as I have a lot I want to catch up on and blog about that is not included in the outline. I'm mainly just going to shoot for 30 days of blogging. I am also adding an element that I am super excited about. I am reading an incredibly interesting and informative book all about making our homes a toxic free environment.

This is important for everybody obviously but especially for CFers. Many of the symptoms that result in an unhealthy home have to do with the respiratory system and I know that I am open to ANYTHING that can give my lungs a break! Moms will also love this book as we will do anything to protect our kids! This is a refreshing book that doesn't leave you feeling overwhelmed or like you have to live in a sterile bubble to stay safe. There are quick, inexpensive solutions they give and several dangers that are easy to eliminate that we may not even realize!

So, at the end of each blog post, I will include something I have learned from the book and applied in my own home. If you are willing to partner with me and do at least one of the changes I do, I will send you your own copy of The Healthy Home book, a New York Times Best Seller written by Dr. Myron Wentz and Dave Wentz!!! E-mail me at or friend me on facebook and let me know that you are willing to make some changes and include your address and I will send you a book while supplies last!

30 day blogging challenge and 30 days to a healthier home challenge starts tomorrow! Tune in!

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