Friday, October 29, 2010

Summer Highlights: Part 3 of 3


In July, my mom treated our whole family to an amazing week long adventure on the beautiful island of Kauai (my favorite island). Here is a marathon photo journal of our vacation : )

This was the view from our room the first morning of our trip. We were definitely in paradise!

Grandma Coco and Harrison exploring the resort grounds.

Poipu Block Party: games, food, and dancing!

Poipu Beach Day

Hike to the secret waterfall cliff jump

Making Lei's

Pool Time!
Ethan and Harrison bonded over conversations about and acting out all things "CARS!"

Puka Dogs and Hula Dancers
Love this pic. of Soph and Jaydie watching the show, sweet cousins!

Hanalei Bay, Caves, and End of the Road Day Trip

This is what Harrison and I were doing while they were exploring the caves!

Grandma Coco's Birthday Party!!
I think she liked it!

Although I was pretty sick for the majority of this trip, it will be one of my favorite family vacations ever! It was so wonderful to be with the family in such a spectacular place with so many fun things to do and see. The kids were all so good and Grandma Coco was "SUPER GRANDMA" with grandma prizes and sleepovers and planning our activities and spoiling all of us! I tried to narrow down the pictures for this post but there were too many precious memories I couldn't leave out!

Only a few days after we got home, I ended up in the hospital. When I got my PICC line placed, I asked them not to numb my arm with lidocaine because I thought I might be allergic to it. The doctor told me I could not find one grown man in the whole hospital go through that procedure without lidocaine. When he asked me how I could stay so still and calm while getting my PICC I told him I just transported myself to End of the Road in Kauai and visualized my family and I all back there at the beach. All I felt was gratitude and overwhelming love for my family and it was enough to take away the pain. I am so blessed to have people, experiences, and memories to help make the occasional setbacks more bearable, remind me how precious life is, and motivate me to keep going!