Saturday, November 8, 2008

From the Happiest Place on Earth to the Healthiest Place on Earth...

This week we got to take advantage of our season passes to Disneyland one last time before they expire and we had a blast! We met up with my mom, Ric, and Dax and Sanam's family to enjoy a day of Disney chaos and wonderfulness. Our day started off perfectly as my mom and Ric watched the kids so Dax, Sanam and Ryan and I could go on Tower of Terror. Now, the reason I say this was perfect is because it was Sanam's first time on this ride and her squeals with anticipation of the drops had me laughing so hard I could not catch my breath!

Harrison was old enough to be enthralled with the atmosphere and was seriously so good. He was patient when he was in his stroller and even went on some rides with us. It was more entertaining for us to watch him than to actually be on the ride. On Pirates of Caribbean he snuggled in tight to us and just observed everything with the widest eyes I have ever seen. We kept trying to distract him by pointing out all of the doggies but I'm afraid we may have traumatized him! He didn't cry, he just stared in shock...

The Buzz light year ride was a hit and we topped off the night with the parade of dreams where I hope he recovered from Pirates! It melted my heart to watch him waving to all the characters and make quacking sounds whenever he saw Donald Duck on the float. It was seriously a perfect day... gorgeous weather, no lines, and such a happy boy!! Thank you mom, Ric, and Dax and Sanam for coming with us!! We missed the rest of you so much!

Our little Mickey Mouse!

We got caught in the fish net at California Adventure!

Beach Boys!

Carousel Ride with my angel!

We opted for the stationary Tea Cup : )

Watching the Parade of Dreams!

Harrison had a perfect view from Ric's shoulders...Thanks Ric!!

Goodnight Disneyland!

Now I am off to the healthiest place on earth...SANOVIV where I will go from devouring a bag of Disney sour balls with Ryan to feasting on sprouts, glorious sprouts and drinking green juice and wheat grass all day!! YUM! I am looking forward to my annual stay at Sanoviv and truly believe my time there adds years to my life. I will receive a subclavian line for Chelation therapy and high doses of Glutathione and other antioxidants and minerals that will go straight into my blood stream instead of having to go through my digestive system. Among other things, I will receive different oxygen therapies and bioenergetic therapies, inferred therapy, thalasso pool therapy, personal training and best of all I will get a wonderful cleansing colonic every other day....TMI? I will attend nutrition education classes and healthy cooking classes and will eat a mostly raw diet. It will be a very busy but healing two weeks!! Computers and cell phones are not permitted so I will be completely out of touch for two weeks and look forward to catching up on my favorite blogs when I return : )

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Why did the Chicken cross the Road?!

This was Harrison's first "official" Halloween since last year we were in Hawaii and all we did was put him in his Halloween Pajamas and shop a quaint little town in Kauai. This year daddy picked out a costume for him and we dressed him up and met up with Grandma Coco at Dax and Sanam's for some yummy dinner and fun Halloween festivities! While the older kids went trick or treating, Harrison and Kaya had fun following each other around the cul-de-sac. Harrison was "bawk-bawking" away and also got good at squatting like he was laying was adorable!! Ryan entertained himself all night by thinking up chicken puns, ie: "I don't know why Harrion wants to keep crossing the road!" and "he's running around like a chicken with his head cut off!" Ryan cracks himself up (okay, don't tell but he cracks me up too)!

Speaking of cracking me up, Dax really got into the Halloween spirit this year and got creative with Hannah Montana's wig...including shaved legs and painted finger and toenails. We love the time we get to spend with their family! Harrison and Kaya are such funny buddies and it is so cute to watch them together. Sophie, Beckett and Kaya looked so great in their costumes too...Sophie was Spiderella, Beckett was a skeleton and Kaya was a froggie and wore the same costume that Sophie wore and Beckett wore before her! Of course it was nearly impossible to get a picture with all of them together, I included the best I had out of about 15 tries!!

We finished off the night by going trick-or-treating at Grandpa and Grandma Kaltenbach's where Harrison got to relax and read his Halloween stories with Daddy! He was asleep in the car before we got on the freeway : )