Sunday, September 28, 2008

Family Flicks

I love movies. I especially love movies that are clean and have good messages. A lot of times those kind of movies can end up being kind of cheesy and predictable but there are some that are smart and original. I find it very satisfying when I come across a movie like this. When a movie touches me, leaves me pondering what is important in life and gives me a new perspective while making me laugh, I just love it. I also appreciate any movie where I can totally fall in love with the characters. All three of these movies I've seen recently had this effect on me and I thought I'd share them with you.

Lars and the Real Girl

Who doesn't love Ryan Gosling? (The Notebook, ladies?!) I had my doubts about this movie when I read the description which mentions a "blow up doll" and I assumed the worst : ) However, I am so glad I gave this movie a chance after our friends gave us a good recommendation.


So touching and filled with passion for life, redemption, and family values. (btw...move over Ryan Gosling, I've got a new crush on Eduardo Verastegui)

Dan in Real Life

This movie definitely wasn't as intense as the first two. Much more light and fun but I thought Steve Carrell was not only funny but vulnerable and totally believable and I love Juliette Binoche.

So, a few weeks ago at our last family get-together we got talking about movies and ended up making lists of movies for each other to add to our Netflix queues. What movies are on your Netflix queue or would be on your list to recommend?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Soothie Setback...

Well, we decided there was no time like the present to kick Harrison of his binkie habit. Sanam's words were, "The older they get, the more attached they are and the harder it is to get rid of it!" So we decided to follow Sanam's words of wisdom. Harrison has been binkie free for a week and a half and I have to say I am so proud of him.

However, I'm afraid I am missing it much more than he is...

I didn't realize how convenient it was to pop that thing in his mouth if he started to get a little loud (especially at church!) and how nice it was to have a quick way to stop his crying (especially after an ouchie!) and how wonderful it was for him to grab it from his crib in the morning and suck himself back to sleep for TWO MORE HOURS!!

The first day went very smooth, he went right down for his nap and Ryan and I could hardly believe it...we were expecting him to be traumatized but he just cuddled up to Lamby and fell asleep. Going down to bed that night was the same and we were ecstatic! Little did we know that we would be up two hours earlier the next morning. Every night when we tuck him in, we would pull out his binkie and place it on the rail of crib with a couple of books. When he woke up, he would reach up for his binkie and his books and either entertain himself or fall back asleep for a couple of hours. I know, I know...we have been SO spoiled!

Well, when he woke up that second morning and there was NO BINKIE... he was stressed and cried out in utter confusion and distress! He could not be calmed back to sleep so it was time for us to get up and start the day. Harrison has always loved going down...he is his momma's boy and loves his sleep! He never cries to sleep and he never cries when he wakes up, he just plays until we go get him. It's awesome! It WAS awesome... he now cries every morning when he wakes up and he cries himself to sleep. Only for a couple of minutes, BUT STILL : ( It is so hard for us to listen to him cry in his room. Other than that he has been really good, a little cranky but like I said, I think we are missing it more than him!

We have tried a few things to occupy him in the morning without any luck. Ryan had the bright idea to line up all of Harrison's little animals on his crib with the hope that he would be so surprised in the morning and think it was so funny that he would play with them and be distracted from his missing didn't work. We also tried keeping him up later so he might sleep in later but that didn't work either, he woke up at the exact same time. As tempted as I have been to give in and put that binkie back on his crib at night, Sanam promises me he'll adjust and get back to his normal routine and self and I am praying she is right (she usually is!) I guess it took Kaya three weeks to settle in after hers was gone so I am halfway there!

Bye Bye Bink...

Ryan's adorable idea...


Friday, September 5, 2008

Dinner Interruption...

The other night I sent Ryan out with Harrison so I could make dinner without Harrison ramming his push-car into my legs while I worked (his new favorite activity!) While I was washing the lettuce Ryan called and said, "Is there any way you could throw everything in the fridge and come meet us. The sun is about to set and it's so beautiful."

This was my kind of dinner interuption! I rushed out to meet them and we caught a few pictures of our paradise on Ryan's phone!

These are the little moments that I treasure most, an impromptu rendezvous at the beach with my boys to watch the sunset. It was a magical hour.

Monday, September 1, 2008

I feel the need, the need for SPEED!

Suedy and Alfonso were here for a quick visit a few weeks ago and we impulsively decided to go racing at K1 Speed. Well, that's not completely true... I agreed to WATCH with Harrison as the rest of them got their speed on (I've been before). I thought Harrison might be frightened by the loud, racing go-carts but he's all boy and was enthralled! He wouldn't peel his eyes from the cars for even one picture so I made do with profile shots : )

Like I said...enthralled!

Speaking of all a kid in a candy store : )

Suedy gave a tentative thumbs up... she did awesome!

Desh, Alfonso, Suedy, and Ryan, ready to go!

Watching for daddy...

There he is!!

Suedy and Alfonso are in D.C. now so it is such a treat when we get to see them. It's hard having my best friend so far away but when we are together, it's as if we were never separated. Come back soon guys... we miss you so much!