Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Angels arrive to send Shar to the OR!

Until Shar is feeling up to updating her blog, we, her family are going to be helping her keep a record of this event. This is Ryan writing about the morning before Shar was wheeled into the OR. 

When we learned at 1:30 am that the OR that was needed to transplant Shar was being used and wouldn't be free until morning, it seemed like a little set back. Shar was ready and anxious to get started and when they told us to try and sleep a few hours we both gave a feeble laugh and knew it would be nearly impossible.

However, as we were able to get a little sleep and woke up the next morning we realized that because the surgery had been delayed, Shar would experience a sweet tender mercy. She would be able to be sent off to the OR by some of her most precious angels. Along with my parents, upon learning of "the call," Shar's brother Dax jumped in his truck and started driving through the night from San Diego.  Her two best friends, Suedy and Jess also started driving from San Diego and LA as soon as they heard from her.  Shar's sister left her house in Maryland at 4:00 in the morning to catch the first flight to San Francisco. We never expected that they would ALL make it just in time to hug Shar and see her wheeled away.

Here are a few pictures of that special morning.

Big Brother's here

Suedy's here

Jess, Shar and Suedy...friends for 25 years

 Shar's ever loving mom Collette. She's been our Rock.

A last minute visit from the post transplant team to wish Shar well in surgery.

Signing her life away

The last Sharlie's Angels update before they started Sharlie's surgery.
Feb. 16, 10:26 am:
Sharlie has been taken to the OR. They'll begin shortly. Prayers, tears and lots of hope.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The CALL came!

Here are the first reports of the news of Shar's Transplant Call from her Sharlie's Angels facebook page. 

The first news was recorded on Feb. 15 at 8:39 pm:
We have received the call from Stanford. We'll be heading to the hospital shortly to see if these lungs and heart are a perfect match. The doctors believe they are a match. Sharlie feels at peace and is ready. Please keep Sharlie, the doctors, and the donor's family in your prayers. I'll be updating frequently. - Ryan

Feb. 15, 9:46 pm:
On our way to the hospital

Feb. 16, 12:27 am:
‎"This is not a 'dry run'...this is the real thing." Looks like we're a go. We'll likely start in a few hours.

Feb 16, 1:24 am:
There's another transplant happening in the OR right now. It doesn't look like she'll be transplanted till morning. Everything is fine. Sharlie is as peaceful/calm as I've ever seen her.

Feb. 16, 6:35 am:
We were able to get a few hours of sleep.....the nurse came in at 6am saying the Doctors would be coming to the room sometime between 6-7am to begin prepping for the OR. Both of us can't stop thinking about the family who likely had a much longer night than we did.