Saturday, February 25, 2012

The CALL came!

Here are the first reports of the news of Shar's Transplant Call from her Sharlie's Angels facebook page. 

The first news was recorded on Feb. 15 at 8:39 pm:
We have received the call from Stanford. We'll be heading to the hospital shortly to see if these lungs and heart are a perfect match. The doctors believe they are a match. Sharlie feels at peace and is ready. Please keep Sharlie, the doctors, and the donor's family in your prayers. I'll be updating frequently. - Ryan

Feb. 15, 9:46 pm:
On our way to the hospital

Feb. 16, 12:27 am:
‎"This is not a 'dry run'...this is the real thing." Looks like we're a go. We'll likely start in a few hours.

Feb 16, 1:24 am:
There's another transplant happening in the OR right now. It doesn't look like she'll be transplanted till morning. Everything is fine. Sharlie is as peaceful/calm as I've ever seen her.

Feb. 16, 6:35 am:
We were able to get a few hours of sleep.....the nurse came in at 6am saying the Doctors would be coming to the room sometime between 6-7am to begin prepping for the OR. Both of us can't stop thinking about the family who likely had a much longer night than we did.


J. Larsen said...

It has been amazing to see the miracles that have taken place. We will continue to pray for healing and strength! We love you! Go Shar!

J. Pittman said...

Congratulations! I have been following the blog for about a year now, (after a dear friend told me about it who went to high school with Sharlie). My husband has CF and is a patient at UCSD. He received his double lung transplant just days before Sharlie (on February 12, 2012) at UCSD. We have been following Sharlie's progress the entire time, and are so happy for you and your family. He asks me daily how she is doing. We just want to say CONGRATULATIONS, and good luck. It is such a wonderful gift.