Monday, February 23, 2009

The State of the Health Address...

I started this blog more of a personal on-line journal and a way for my family to keep up with Harrison. However, during the process, I have made so many wonderful friends and I know some of you check in here to see how my health is so here is a quick health update for those who have been so kind to inquire.

If you were confused by my last few posts where in one I thought I had turned the corner and was able to avoid going into the hospital and then in the next I had just been discharged and was still struggling, you are not the only one...I WAS CONFUSED TOO!! It started as a mild cold which progressed into a lot of congestion and was persistent despite all the "stuff" I was doing to get over it on my own. Since it had been so long since my last tune-up my Doctor thought it was best I start on I.V.'s but I was able to do them at home and was thrilled. I started feeling better and my lungs were clearing up. I thought I had turned the corner when all of the sudden I spiked some high fevers and started having severe body aches, shivers, etc. etc. I was afraid I had caught the flu or that I was reacting to the antibiotics so my Doctor told me to go to the E.R. BUMMER!

I was admitted at Thornton hospital and they changed up all my antibiotics and ruled out the flu and sent me home a few days later to finish up my I.V.'s. I was so happy to be able to be out for Harrison's birthday but I was still really struggling and seemed to even be getting weaker. I was running home I.V.'s four hours a day and doing lots of other treatments and pretty much sleeping the rest of the time. I was getting so discouraged because after all the I.V.'s AND a hospital stay, I was expecting to feel much better. Finally after three weeks of I.V.'s I told my Doctor I was DONE and made them pull my I.V. right there at clinic!! I just felt my body had been through the ringer and was overloaded with such strong drugs and needed a break! (I also needed a long bath WITHOUT a bag on my arm!) So, my Doctor reluctantly agreed after my pleas for him to trust me and let me pull it!

Now I am feeling stronger every day! I am flushing my system with USANA and am on the best probiotics and systemic enzymes and am definitely on the right track! Thank you so much for all your prayers and healing thoughts. At this point, I should not be surprised at the way your love and support buoys me and affects my progress but it seriously makes such a difference and I am so grateful everyday for that blessing!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Baby turned TWO!

Thanks to Cheryl for the portraits!

On Thursday, Feb. 12th, we celebrated Harrison's 2nd Birthday! I was able to be discharged from the hospital just in time and felt truly blessed it turned out that way. Ryan picked me up from Thornton Hospital and we went and picked up Harrison's present (a TRICYCLE!) and then went to Grandma Coco's for dinner and cupcakes. Grammy and Grandpa were there too so it was a perfect evening and Harrison was happy to have his momma home and reveled in all the attention from his Grandparents! I will post pictures of the little party later because I don't have the photos downloaded yet.

I wanted to get this post up on Harrison's actual birthday but with everything going on it was tough. However, it is appropriate to post this today, on Valentine's Day, because Harrison is the love of my life and the two years that we've had him here with us have absolutely been the best two years of our lives! We have not taken ONE DAY with him for granted and truly cherish every moment.

Happy Birthday Angel!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


The Inauguration was a special event in our home. Ryan and I both felt hopeful for the future and realized the significance of the circumstances. No matter what our political views were/are and no matter who we voted for, we were excited to watch President Obama be sworn into office and we also wanted Harrison to watch with us. For some reason, Harrison LOVES "Bama." Unprompted by us, whenever he sees a picture of Obama on T.V., in print or even if it's a little bumper sticker 30 feet away, he yells excitedly, "BAMA!" He definitely has a little crush and I guess I don't blame him...

Here's to the future and may Heavenly Father guide our President's hand in leading this beautiful country. Here are a few pictures and a short video clip to document the exciting occasion! The video doesn't do Harrison's love of Obama justice, he was a little tired (notice the bed head!)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Adventures with Syringes!

I'm at it again...home I.V.'s. If you're curious about what that entails, go back and read this post. I have not been feeling 100% for several weeks and I just couldn't kick this persistent bug despite all the things I was doing to fight it so I finally relented and called my doc. We compromised and I was able to avoid the E.R. and being admitted which was such a HUGE blessing! Instead I got a PICC line placed and started my treatment at home.

It makes such a difference to be at home with my boys. Harrison, as always, is my best medicine and Ryan takes such good care of me! He should have been a male nurse like Focker : ) Sleeping in my own bed and not being woken up at all hours of the night to check "vitals" is also a major plus of home I.V.s!!

I started the meds on Thursday and yesterday was my "turning point." You know that day where you just feel like you are finally on the track to getting back?! Yesterday was that day and I am feeling even stronger today. Despite this setback, I feel so blessed that even though I did have to start I.V.s, this time around was much more mild than some of the setbacks in the past and considering the fact that this is a degenerative disease...that is a very good thing! If my infections can get fewer and far between and become increasingly easier to bounce back from, that is a miracle in and of itself and is so encouraging!

Thank you all so much for your prayers and concern for me. It is amazing how healing it is to know how much positive energy is being sent my way!