Monday, February 22, 2010

My baby is THREE!!

I honestly can't believe my baby is three. There are many days I just want to press the pause button so I won't come to that day when he's too heavy for me to hold, when it will be inappropriate for me to kiss his adorable little bum bum : ), when I will understand every word he is saying and not have the thrill of decoding his funny language, when he doesn't want to hold my hand while we walk to the playground anymore, etc. etc.

Although there are definitely those days that I want to press the pause button, I am enjoying all these precious moments and growing milestones with Harrison. He is growing into the most adorable, determined little boy and it is a joy to experience things through his eyes and quirky personality.

A trip down memory lane...

Harrison's BIRTH day! Feb. 12, 2007 (seven weeks early)

First Birthday...

Second Birthday...

And Birthday number Three!!!

I wrote all about the day Harrison was born on his first birthday. If you want to read about that miraculous day revisit this post: Happy Birthday Angel

It is the greatest blessing in my life to be Harrison's mom and experience this journey with him. It is a humbling privilege that I never take for granted. His life is truly a manifestation of my deepest dreams and hopes! Happy Birthday my sweet Angel!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Holiday Recap...a bit late!

Here is another post full of pictures. The holidays really crept up on us this year as we were at Sanoviv right before Thanksgiving and on the Larsen Family cruise right before Christmas. Although it was kinda crazy, the holidays always are and we just went with the flow and had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas with our families.

Part I: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving with the Kaltenbachs
tired after a long day!

The day after Thanksgiving with my fam. at Double Peak Park

Part II: Christmas!

Being in our own home made this Christmas super special!

Our Nativity
Harrison's Nativity!
Harrison picked out this Santa Fire Engine!
A fun new tradition...Elf on the Shelf. Harrison named his Elf Andrea Bocelli

Christmas Eve in our home with both our families!

Christmas Day!

Santa came!
He went right for the garbage truck!
At Grammy and Grandpa's

Harrison's number one activity this Christmas season was to watch Andrea Bocelli's Christmas program on PBS. He would sit mesmerized for the entire program which was over an hour!

On the Sunday after Christmas I was asked to speak to our Church Congregation on "Renewing our Faith, Dedication and Covenants." Both our parents came to listen and it was a wonderful day. Ryan's Dad snapped this picture of us after church!

I LOVE everything about the holidays...the hustle and bustle, the craziness, the decorating, the gift buying and anticipating, the FOOD, the traditions, the reconnecting with friends and loved ones, etc. etc. But the thing I absolutely love most is the reflection on our blessings, what is truly important in our lives, and on our Savior and his gift to all of us. His birth, his life, his death and his glorious resurrection are the ultimate gifts and what can bring us true joy. I am overwhelmed by the blessings the Lord continues to bestow upon my family and can only hope that my appreciation to Him is reflected in the way I love others and the kind of woman I am striving to be.