Saturday, January 17, 2009

2008 Highlights!

I'm getting a late start on my 2009 blogging but want to start it off with some photo highlights of our GREAT 2008!

In January I headed to see Garth Brooks with a few wonderful was the best girls night out EVER!

In February we celebrated Harrison's first birthday with lots of family and friends!

In March we headed to the desert to reunite with the Kaltenbachs and celebrate our birthdays and Easter!

In April my mom, Harrison and I flew to Maryland to spend time with the Pratts!

In May family and friends supported the Sharlie's Angels Team in the Great Strides Walk to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis! Thanks to our generous friends and family, we raised over $9,600.00 (our original goal was $500.00)!!!!

In June we gathered in Rexburg, ID for our annual Larsen Family Reunion!

In July we got some serious catch up time with the Pratt family as they spent a few weeks here, it was definitely the highlight of the summer!

In August we attended the annual USANA Convention in Salt Lake City!

September was a slower month so we decided to spice it up by giving Harrison his first BUZZ cut (possibly his last?)!

In October we got to babysit Zak and Kelli's kids while they vacationed in Ireland. It was a crazy but fun week and we were sad (I cried half the way home!) when we had to leave!

In November we spent two healing weeks at SANOVIV!

December was filled with holiday cheer!! We are so grateful for our Savior Jesus Christ and this season in which we can celebrate his birth and his immense love for us. We spent the holiday with our families and savored the moments as Harrison reveled in the spirit of Christmas! Here are a few of my favorite holiday pictures:

Our Christmas Card Picture...

We hosted a Christmas Eve Dinner at our "humble" condo with Ryan's parents, my mom and Ric and Grandma and Grandpa Larsen. It was so special for us to have them all in our home.

Christmas morning and spending time with Grammy and Grandpa!

What a wonderful year we've had...lot's of fun memories!! We are looking forward to 2009 and feel excited and hopeful that it will also be a year filled with blessings!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Back in Business!

Our Computer has been on the fritz for the past month but due to the busyness of the holidays, getting it fixed was low on our priority list. However, once the 1st of January rolled around, we realized it was time to take care of it so we took our computer into the Mac store and explained what was going on. They said they'd call us in a few days with an update. As they tried to fix it, a few days turned into more than a week and we were really starting to miss our computer (thank goodness for Ryan's iphone that kept us somewhat in touch)! Finally, they called and said they couldn't figure out how to solve the problem and asked if it would be "okay" if they replaced our computer with a brand new one. OKAY??? We were stoked! They transferred all of our stuff onto a brand new beautiful iMac and we love it! That is what I call customer service...thank you APPLE!

So, now after almost a month since my last post, I am back in business!! Stay tuned for a Holiday Review...