Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!

A few days ago I said to Harrison as I was getting him ready for his nap, "I just love you so much, are we best buddies or what?" He replied that we were not best buddies. When I asked him who his best buddy was, he said, "Daddy!"

These two truly are best buddies and nothing could make me happier! I am so grateful for a day to celebrate Ryan and the awesome Father that he is to Harrison. Happy Father's Day honey, we love you so much!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Take my Breath Away!

I have put off writing this post because it's a little embarrassing to write about winning an award. However, it was such a special experience for me and as I accepted the 2010 Woman Who Takes Our Breath Away Award, I got to say a few words. Because I was not expecting to win, I was completely unprepared and fumbled through what felt like a very awkward acceptance and "thank you." This is what I was really feeling:

I am no different or ANY more deserving of this award than the all the others that were nominated or than the other amazing 4 finalists. I am constantly in awe of people I meet and/or hear about or read about in the Cystic Fibrosis community. I marvel at how strong we are, what fighters we are, and how positive we are as a community. We love our lives, appreciate our blessings and find joy in the different healing and self-discovery journeys we are on. I know and love so many that are either patients themselves, spouses, parents, siblings, extended family members and friends of C.F.ers that literally take make breath away with the love and passion they have for life and living it to the fullest despite the challenges that come with either having this disease or loving someone with this disease.

Of course I was so touched and humbled that many of my friends and family members would take the time and energy to nominate me. I appreciate the love and support I feel everyday that buoys me up and keeps me going but I am no different or more special than all those affected by this disease.

I do not believe I am still here because of my attitude or because I am a positive person, have a lot of faith, and love my life. There is one reason I am still here: my mission is not complete and I am not done learning and growing, Heavenly Father is not ready for me to come home and when he is I will die. If being a positive person and having enough faith were enough to survive Cystic Fibrosis, Lexi would still be here. I believe the REASON I have such a great attitude and am such a positive person and love my life so much is because I am surrounded by love and joy. I believe I have been sent "angels," (hence the blog title) who love me, lift me, encourage me, inspire me, teach me, support me, believe in me and bring me joy to help me on my journey. I believe I am surrounded by angels here on earth and angels that I cannot see but whose presence I can feel, like Lexi and others that I love who have already passed on. It is because of my angels and my belief in Jesus Christ and his gospel of hope and salvation that I can bear with gladness and gratitude the burdens that are a reality of living with Cystic Fibrosis.

Having said this, I am not ungrateful for the award. I appreciate the love for sure and had such a fun day with some of my favorite women who were there to cheer me on!

Here are some pictures of the special day:

It was fun to get a box of these in the mail. I got one of these beautiful certificates for every one who nominated me...completely caught me off guard!

Just a few of those angels I was talking about! I wish I had photos of every one who came with me...

A picture of me in front of a big poster of my face...hello?! And, I also found a big poster of my mom's face!! They announced that she will be the recipient of the prestigious Breath of Life Award at this years annual Gala! She wasn't able to be at this event because she was on her way to Kathmandu! We all missed her!

I got to invite all the attendees to the Gala in September where my mom will be honored and I've been asked to speak. This event was a great preview of what is in store for the Gala, it will be a fabulous night to give hope and raise awareness and funds to CURE CF!!