Sunday, March 30, 2008

Glorious Easter Sunday...

It was truly a Glorious Easter Sunday. The Arizona weather was perfect...warm and full of spring beauty. We attended a service with the Kaltenbach family followed by a delicious brunch, an easter egg hunt and bubbles in the back yard. Harrison even found a few easter eggs on his own : ) He tried unsuccessfully to get his hands on some chocolate...maybe next year!

Paul, Anya and Carly were so patient with Harrison as he continuously tried to push their perfect piles of easter eggs onto the floor and he loved the bubbles outside until one of them popped in his eye... a few tears washed out the soap and he was ready for more!

This was a very special weekend for us as we were completely spoiled by Terry and Linda and so graciously included by Chuck and Shirley in all their family activities. It was so nice to spend time with all the Kaltenbachs, we love them so much and wish we got to spend more time with them! We missed Kevin and Kathy, Dan and Hillary, John and Melissa and their families and hope there is an opportunity for us to see all of them soon. Ryan and I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such loving and supportive relatives on both sides and are so grateful that Harrison is part of such amazing families who will love him and help to teach him what is important in this life.

We are so grateful for the message of the Easter Holiday and the Hope that Christ's Resurrection gives to us. We are awed by the love and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ and desire to live in such a way that will allow his light to shine in and through us and bless all those we come in contact with.

Weekend with the Kaltenbachs

Ryan headed to Arizona with the Snarr boys for a little Spring Training action...and action there was! When I picked Ryan up on Friday, he had bruised ribs, bloody blisters on both his hands and a handful of caught home run balls! He had such blast with the boys but Harrison and I were sure excited to see him after being separated for four days!!

Harrison and I drove with mom and dad Kaltenbach to pick Ryan up and then we headed from Mesa to Tucson to spend time with the Kaltenbach Clan. It was so great to see Chuck and Shirley and their family and Colin and Ruth and their family. We had two days packed with yummy meals, playing kids, birthday celebrations and Easter fun! Harrison reveled in the attention from Grammy and Grandpa Kaltenbach and loved meeting lots of new relatives.

Harrison meeting Carolyn...finally!

Harrison just cuddled right into was a tender moment.

Pictures from a big family birthday bash hosted by Chuck and Shirley!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Special Gift from a Special Friend...

Jess and Keri treated me to a wonderful girls night out where we dined on flavor infused Indian cuisine and, for old times sake, topped it off with a dipped cone at DQ! It was such a fun night, THANK YOU GIRLS! It is so great to have such great girlfriends. There was a lady sitting next to us who wished me happy birthday and asked how long we had been friends. We were amazed ourselves to say that we had been friends for 21 years! Those kinds of friendships that last for years and deepen with time and shared experiences are so special and I certainly treasure the close relationships that I am blessed with.

The highlight of the night was Jess's beautiful gift. I always get excited to receive a gift from Jessica as I am awed and inspired by her diverse talents. Her gifts are always full of Love and time and thought and are so meaningful. She instructed me to read the back of the package first. It read: Shar, just a few of the things you have given me (and the rest of the world) all these years! Happy Birthday dear friend! All my love, Jess

Then, I turned it over...

Jess, I love you and feel so loved by you whether I deserve it or not! Thank you for such a priceless gift!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Nothing Better...

There is nothing better than a good book at the beach! It has been beautiful here in Sunny San Diego and we are so excited Spring is here and Summer is on the way! Beach Days are here again...

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"I love you more"

13 Years... As I laid in the grass beside your grave today with my son crawling all over me, I tried to conjure specifics. I am blessed to feel your presence and your spirit often but after 13 years, I am finding it harder and harder to keep the details from getting foggy. It is my greatest fear. I want to smell your smell and feel your hand in mine and hear your voice and remember what it was like to eat our after school snack and talk about our crushes and then sing the sound of music in front of the huge living room mirror giggling through the whole thing. I can still hear the spoon clinking against the glass as we mixed our Nestle Quik and I can still see your long fingers as you pluck the strings on the guitar you bought from the Elder in our Ward so he could buy a new bike. I remember your mustard colored Hooded Gap Sweatshirt and your thrift store jeans. I remember wheeling your wheelchair and the soothing purr of your Oxygen machine in the hall. I remember our laughing fits inevitably turning into coughing fits and the sleepless nights in the hospital watching Arsenio Hall and pretending to be asleep when the nurses would check in on us.

Lex, when I am able to recall these precious moments, I am happy...not sad. I miss you desperately and there is definitely anguish but it is overcompensated by gratitude for the honor of being your sister and best friend and for the time I had with you on this earth. I am comforted by the visions of our reunion and that we will have Eternity to share our love. I know you have had a hand in every triumph in my life and have helped me walk through every trial. Your legacy continues to teach me and give me strength. Thank you sweetheart for being there still. I love you so much.

Ryan took Harrison to the car and let me have my own moment with you and I could hardly force myself to turn away from your grave. I knew you were there. I know you are watching over us. I love you more.

Love, Shezbo

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Celebrating USANA!

This weekend Ryan and I attended the Long Beach USANA Celebration... What a rush! I love being a part of this company. A company that has given me a quality of life that few with C.F. share, an extended family that has supported me and prayed for me through every challenge and triumph, and the opportunity to create a life of total freedom and abundance!

My "USANA Story" started 15 years ago when my Uncle who worked for USANA Corporate sent a big box of product to my house and instructed my mom to have me start on the nutritional supplements right away. I was skeptical, very skeptical. I was already taking tons of pills including vitamins and I just didn't see how these products could make any difference. I learned quickly that there was something different about the USANA products as I felt myself getting stronger. I have never claimed that USANA has cured my Cystic Fibrosis, it hasn't. However, I truly believe that because my cells are getting the nutrients they need, it is allowing my body to perform as if I have a much higher lung function. I have experienced a decreased amount of lung infections and when I do get sick, I seem to bounce back time and time again in a much shorter time than I used to.

I have been on the products for 15 years. I notice a difference in how I feel if I miss even one dose and once I had a taste of what true cellular nutrition felt like in my body, I never could go off them. I honestly don't know if I would be here if it weren't for these nutritionals. When I first started on them, my health was declining rapidly and my doctors had given me about a year to live without having a double-lung transplant. Now, 15 years later, I still have not needed a transplant and have given birth to a son of my own. I believe USANA was a direct answer to my prayers and to my mom's prayers as we were desperately trying to extend my life.

USANA has not only impacted my health but has also helped Ryan to embark on a path of prevention. He takes his health seriously and lost 50 pounds with USANA's weight management products when we started working our business. He wanted to be a good representation of true health and "walk the talk."

When Ryan and I decided to build our own USANA business, we were a little scared but more excited. I had seen my mom build a multi-million dollar international business and had traveled to Australia and Hong Kong with her sharing my own story and helping to open those foreign markets. I knew first hand the incredible financial freedom and success that was available to those who were passionate about sharing this product and opportunity with others and we were determined. I was tired of having Ryan leave the house before I was awake and come home just in time for dinner. I knew that if we were to be blessed with a family, I would need him home with me to help with the kids while I did my treatments and during my "tune-up" stays in the hospital. So...we set our intention, went to work and brought Ryan home : )

Building our business has been a dream come true. Ryan and I are able to be home with Harrison, I don't know another more hands-on dad and I will always be grateful to USANA for that blessing!

Learn more about USANA Health Sciences here!

Or take a free Health Assessment at our USANA website.

Here are a few of my favorite USANA videos:

Here's to doing what you love and loving what you do!