Sunday, March 30, 2008

Glorious Easter Sunday...

It was truly a Glorious Easter Sunday. The Arizona weather was perfect...warm and full of spring beauty. We attended a service with the Kaltenbach family followed by a delicious brunch, an easter egg hunt and bubbles in the back yard. Harrison even found a few easter eggs on his own : ) He tried unsuccessfully to get his hands on some chocolate...maybe next year!

Paul, Anya and Carly were so patient with Harrison as he continuously tried to push their perfect piles of easter eggs onto the floor and he loved the bubbles outside until one of them popped in his eye... a few tears washed out the soap and he was ready for more!

This was a very special weekend for us as we were completely spoiled by Terry and Linda and so graciously included by Chuck and Shirley in all their family activities. It was so nice to spend time with all the Kaltenbachs, we love them so much and wish we got to spend more time with them! We missed Kevin and Kathy, Dan and Hillary, John and Melissa and their families and hope there is an opportunity for us to see all of them soon. Ryan and I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such loving and supportive relatives on both sides and are so grateful that Harrison is part of such amazing families who will love him and help to teach him what is important in this life.

We are so grateful for the message of the Easter Holiday and the Hope that Christ's Resurrection gives to us. We are awed by the love and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ and desire to live in such a way that will allow his light to shine in and through us and bless all those we come in contact with.


Blythe said...

Sharlie, Harrison is so handsome! I'm so glad to see that you look so happy.

Emily said...

Loved the pictures of Harrison and the family. There is nothing more fun then experiencing all the new and "firsts" of your baby. Looks like he enjoyed looking for eggs and by the way you are looking very well!

Somer Love said...

its coming for sure I believe right around the corner..... So exciting! I still owe you a catch up on my life. In a nutshell I am not working anymore it gives me more time to get involved with the things I can to make a difference. I am no longer married I will write that story in your e mail. Just me and the babies.

I cant wait to see you when you come out here. I just started this blog thing so I don't have it down yet. but I have been checking yours since I found out about it.

Harrison is so cute!!!! He looks exactly like you!!
Well take care of a great night and I promise I will get that e mail soon!