Saturday, November 24, 2007

...that your JOY might be full

I can't remember a Thanksgiving Day when my JOY was more full. This has truly been a momentous year for our family, a year filled with the Miracle of Harrison! As our family went around and told what we were thankful for this year I dreaded my turn because I knew there was no way I could possibly articulate how grateful I was for the blessings in my life. I babbled and tried to form coherent sentences through the tears. I'm afraid it wasn't very pretty. I said to Ryan as we drove home, "I wish I could have a re-do on my turn...I'd do so much better!"

Here's my RE-DO...

I am so grateful to be alive, I love my life and I know it is a gift. I know my life is being prolonged and I intend to fill my precious moments with what is most important to me. I know no greater joy than spending time with my family. I love them all so dearly and my love for them really defines me, it's who I am.

Lexi~ I am so grateful for your lessons that remain with me. You are so much a part of who I am and I miss you, especially during these special holidays. However, I know that you are watching over us and I am grateful that I can feel your presence on such a regular basis. Thank you for staying close, I love you.

Mom~ You are my best friend and our relationship enriches my life in the most beautiful way. I know no one more generous and am humbled to be the recipient of that generosity on a daily basis. I would love to make it even but the scales will always be unbalanced, I can't keep up with you! Truly, thank you for everything. Most of all for supporting me when I told you I was pregnant. Harrison is yours too, I could never have done it without you.

Ric~ Thank you for loving my mom and making her so happy. I know it hasn't been easy for you with the four most overprotective kids looking out for their mom but we know you adore her and for that, we are so grateful to you. Thank you for your gift in Hawaii, it meant so much to me and Ryan. Thank you also for being such a great Grandpa to Harrison. He loves you too!

Dax~ I can't think of a time when I needed you and you weren't there. You have been a dad, a brother and a friend. Thank you for coming to the hospital, I know I wasn't talking much and couldn't express then how grateful I was but it meant so much to me. You'll never know how much strength that gave me and I needed it more than I ever had in my life.

Sanam~ You are such an awesome sister. I can't begin to thank you for all the service you have done for our family. When I think of the meals alone you have cooked for me when I've been sick and especially while I was pregnant, I just get a huge lump in my throat. I hope you know how much we appreciate all your service, your delicious meals but most of all, your love.

Zak~ You always bring a smile to my face! You have also been a dad, a brother and a friend. Ryan and I are so grateful for the mentor you have been to us in USANA and for the support you give us not only in business matters, but also spiritually. Thank you for using your priesthood to bless me. I am so grateful to know you will always be there for me. I love our friendship and how easy it is for me to talk to you.

Kelli~ Thank you for your faith. You always believed we could have a baby and your encouragement gave us hope and strength. Thank you for giving me a compliment I will never forget and forever treasure... you said, "Sharlie, I know you love our kids like we do." That was powerful coming from you and it is true. I love my nieces and nephews the same way I love Harrison, as if they were my own...

Chels~ I love you so much. You are one of the few that understands what I am going through, I feel your empathy every time we talk. Whenever I need to laugh, I can bring to my mind countless memories of Australia, Vegas, Palm Springs, birds swooping, treadmills, etc. and I can laugh out loud! Whenever I need strength, I can bring to mind how you have dealt with your trials and the kind of mom you are to your precious angels.

Cam~ Our family is so lucky to have you. I've loved you from the moment Chelsea brought you home. You oozed goodness, fun and strength of character. My first instincts about you have proven true. You are such a wonderful husband and I love watching you interact with all the kids in the family. You add so much to our family.

My ANGELS~ Jayden, Ben, Sophie, Zachary, Addie, Lauren, Beckett, Kaya and Ethan~ With every new spirit that comes to our family, my heart expands more than I thought possible. My love for you all lifts me, heals me and gives me a reason to keep fighting! Watching you interact with each other and with Harrison literally makes me feel like I know just what Heaven will be like... You fill my life with joy and fun and love!

Terry and Linda~ Thank you most of all for raising Ryan to be the man that he is. I hope to follow in your footsteps and raise my son to be a man full of passion and Christlike love for all people, a man with principles and the highest standards. I love you both so much and am grateful for the support and love you give to me and Ryan. Thank you also for being the Best Grandparents. Harrison adores you and my heart swells to watch you with him. You are such a special part of all of our lives.

Ryan~ There just aren't words. I am awed by the husband you are to me every day. Thank you for your patience with my weaknesses and for making me want to be my best self in all situations. Thank you for taking care of me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You truly raise me up. Thank you most of all for the daddy you are to our son. When I see you holding him, bathing him, feeding him, loving him...I fall more and more in love with you. I am so blessed to be yours.

My Miracle~Harrison, you are my whole life. Everything I've ever wanted, dreamed of and prayed for. Every time I threw a coin in a fountain, every time I wished on a star or blew out candles, I was hoping for you. Our Father in Heaven has poured out his blessing upon me and I will strive to be worthy of the blessing that you are every day of my life. I have never known such Joy. You are my reason to live, I am a MOM!

My faith in the Lord Jesus Christ sustains me and I am grateful that because of His Love and Sacrifice, I will be with my loved ones for Eternity. I am surrounded by angels on both sides of the veil, those who have passed and those that are on this earthly journey with me...because of this and my knowledge of the Gospel, my JOY is FULL.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Shark Attack!!

Thank goodness our precious boy is okay after this frightenging attack...

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Life's A Beach

We just returned home from our first "family vacation." What an awesome three weeks! We were on Kauai for the duration of our trip. Kauai is my favorite island and it was so special to experience it with Ryan and Harrison. What a bonus to have my mom with us too. She only added to the incredible time we had. Thank you for inviting us mom!! She took it upon herself to be our tour guide and showed us all her favorite places...she's practically a local now! She knew all the secret spots and had adventures planned for us almost every day. Harrison adored all the one-on-one with Grandma and is going through withdrawals now that we are home.

We planned to be there for about 10 days but delayed our return because of the horrible air quality here at home due to the fires. Although we felt helpless being so far away from Dax and Sanam and their family as they were evacuated, we considered it "divine intervention" that my lungs were spared the smoke. We would have had to leave anyway so we might as well have been in paradise! Ryan checked the air quality on the internet every day and we did not come home till we were in the "green."

Here are some of our favorite memories from Kauai:

Harrison was the best traveler. He didn't make a peep on the long flights!

A room with a view!

Pool Time!

Just lounging...what a life!

Watching the Sunsets completed our perfect days...

Skinny dipping with Dad and Grandma!

Harrison couldn't get enough of the sand and crystal clear ocean water...

We are home now and although we miss the Pukadogs (we had one too many), Hawaiian Bread, exploring the beaches, the hidden waterfalls and snow cones it is always good to be home. San Diego isn't a bad place to come home too :) We are blessed...