Sunday, November 11, 2007

Life's A Beach

We just returned home from our first "family vacation." What an awesome three weeks! We were on Kauai for the duration of our trip. Kauai is my favorite island and it was so special to experience it with Ryan and Harrison. What a bonus to have my mom with us too. She only added to the incredible time we had. Thank you for inviting us mom!! She took it upon herself to be our tour guide and showed us all her favorite places...she's practically a local now! She knew all the secret spots and had adventures planned for us almost every day. Harrison adored all the one-on-one with Grandma and is going through withdrawals now that we are home.

We planned to be there for about 10 days but delayed our return because of the horrible air quality here at home due to the fires. Although we felt helpless being so far away from Dax and Sanam and their family as they were evacuated, we considered it "divine intervention" that my lungs were spared the smoke. We would have had to leave anyway so we might as well have been in paradise! Ryan checked the air quality on the internet every day and we did not come home till we were in the "green."

Here are some of our favorite memories from Kauai:

Harrison was the best traveler. He didn't make a peep on the long flights!

A room with a view!

Pool Time!

Just lounging...what a life!

Watching the Sunsets completed our perfect days...

Skinny dipping with Dad and Grandma!

Harrison couldn't get enough of the sand and crystal clear ocean water...

We are home now and although we miss the Pukadogs (we had one too many), Hawaiian Bread, exploring the beaches, the hidden waterfalls and snow cones it is always good to be home. San Diego isn't a bad place to come home too :) We are blessed...

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