Friday, October 8, 2010

Summer Highlights: Part 1 of 3

Part 1: Strawberry Pickn' and the County Fair!

I have seen this sign hundreds of times growing up in North County but have never been, so when Sanam invited us to go pick Strawberries with her and the girls, we were so excited! It was such a fun activity. You definitely pay more for the strawberries than you would at the store, BUT, the strawberries are absolutely delish! So sweet and good, and because you pick them, there are no bad or mushy ones in the bunch. Also, you have to take into account that you are paying for the experience. We spent about an hour there and Harrison loved it. Of course he thought the dirt rows in between the strawberry bushes were race tracks but he also slowed down and picked some himself. The challenge was helping him to realize we had to pay for them and wash them before we plopped them into our mouths : )
After our strawberry picking, we drove down the road to Cannon Park. We caught a new friend helping himself to our precious strawberries! Whenever I see a squirrel, I think of Lex. One of her nicknames was squirrel and I wondered that day if she was sending us a little message and wanted us to know she was glad we had such a fun day...

We debated this year about going to the Del Mar Fair but couldn't resist taking Harrison to see the monster trucks, animals and of course letting him ride a few of the kiddie rides. Ryan and I also allowed ourselves one treat apiece. I can't remember what Ryan indulged in, but I chose a cinnamon roll and my mouth is watering just thinking about it! We stayed away from the deep fried butter!

Harrison had such a fun day, the highlight for him was definitely driving the "big rig." Every time he came around the track, this is how happy he was!

He also enjoyed rocking out on the way home!

I think picking fresh strawberries and attending the Del Mar Fair will be annual summer traditions!

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Dax said...

Great pictures. We have such beautiful migrant workers here in San Diego.