Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 3...Pee Wee Sports Graduation!

This session of Pee Wee sports was so much fun. Harrison's best little friend Thomas joined him and it was so fun to watch them both! Harrison was especially excited for his first trophy!

Day 3 of Healthy Home Challenge:

There is an interesting section on dry cleaning and the chemicals used in that process. I never knew!

The book doesn't suggest never getting your clothes dry cleaned again but does encourage us to find cleaners in our areas that use paraffin-based cleaning agents. It says that the absolute best route to go is a cleaner who uses liquid CO2 which is effective, non-toxic, and easy on the environment.

So today I googled liquid CO2 and found a cleaner in Carlsbad who uses CO2. We don't have to use the dry cleaners that often but when we do, I think I'll drive an extra 10 mins. out of my way to use a safe cleaner!

They also suggest if that is not an option to unwrap and air out your dry-cleaned clothes in an exterior area until the "chemical smell" is gone. This will reduce the exposure to the harmful chemicals. We have some clothes still in the plastic in our closet so I am going to do this tomorrow and let them air out all day!

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