Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 9...Sisters are Forever

My big sister Chelsea and her daughter Lauren a few years ago

There is a memory I have that makes me laugh out loud every time I think of it. I'm pretty sure it's one of those "you had to be there" moments that nobody will think is funny. Actually, I'm totally sure because even my sister doesn't think it is funny, (or more accurately, she is just so sick of me telling it) and she was the one there with me.

We were in Vegas for a BYU game. Chels and I took a road trip to attend the game. It was winter and it was freezing, even in Vegas. When we got into our hotel room the first thing we did was turn the heat on full blast. Then, because it was so late when we got in, we went straight to bed. I woke up a few hours later in a pool of sweat and a fog of confusion. My first thought was that there was a fire in our hotel room. Our room was seriously a sauna, we were literally cooking. I think I let out a little moan and I heard Chelsea shuffle in the next bed. Then I heard a barely awake voice, "Shar....are you awake?" I answered yes and she asked, "is it really hot in here?"

I don't know why this is so funny to me. I can't really remember what happened next and I can't remember if I started laughing then or if upon reflection of the incident the next day, I realized how funny it was that she asked me if it was hot when we were both baking under our heavy covers in a room that was at least 100 degrees. The one thing I know is we turned the heat off!

My big sister is such a blessing in my life. At any moment, I can recall a favorite memory with her that will instantly cheer me up and strengthen me. Many of the memories are silly ones but most of them are tender. Chelsea has always been there for me. She is just so loyal and self-less when it comes to being a big sister. She is definitely one of my angels. I will never forget the sacrifices she has made to be in the hospital with me and to be there with me whenever I needed her. We have been on some awesome mother/daughter trips and I cherish those special memories we created!

More than anything, she has been an example to me of an amazing mom. She adores and nurtures her children in the most angelic way and I just love observing her with her family and taking mental notes of how I want to be with my family and especially with Harrison. She is my rock and I love her dearly. I celebrate her today on her birthday with gratitude for her love, support and friendship!

Day 9 of Healthy Home Challenge: "Go to the Mattresses!"

I didn't realize how toxic our mattresses are. Here's a quote from the book to explain,

"The key material of concern is polyurethane foam, a product so flammable that the insurance industry calls it 'solid gasoline.' Fire-retardant chemicals are applied to most mattresses to combat polyurethane's tendency to explode at the slightest spark."

"Nearly any mattress you buy in the U.S. will have at least some flame-retardant properties...Many manufacturers are likely using antimony, a dangerous heavy metal and other brominated fire retardants that are known to disrupt hormone activity and interfere with brain function."

The best solution obviously would be to do a ton of research and buy a new mattress that is organic and made with natural latex and/or naturally flame resistant wool.

If, like us, buying all new mattresses is not in your budget, there is a simple solution in the book that will help.

"Whenever you launder your sheets, open your windows and leave your mattress exposed in order to allow your bed to off-gas for the day."

This week when I washed Harrison's sheets, I left his window open all day and didn't make his bed until he was ready to crawl in it. Try it next time you change your sheets and don't forget to let me know and I will send you a copy of The Healthy Home book!

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Wow sounds like this book has a lot of great ideas. I would love a copy. Lisa R