Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 4...Face lift.

I haven't changed the format of my blog since I started it in 2007. Today I started playing around with different templates. I think I'll try out a few and see which style feels the best. So for today's post it's just a trial run of a different template!

I also need to update pictures and would like to add labels as well so I'm trying to educate myself on how all this works. I'm a little behind the times!

Anyway, on to my Healthy Home tip...

Day 4 of Healthy Home challenge:

Quote from the book about Plastic,

"Despite the well-known durability of most plastic products, they will ALWAYS have a small quantity of chemicals that are free to leach out under the right conditions. This is a problem because many of the building blocks used in plastics are highly toxic."

They say that glass has none of the health issues inherent to plastic. I plan on gradually getting rid of the plastic in my kitchen and replacing it with glass. Today at Costco I purchased a glass food storage set for $30. A small price to pay to avoid having toxins leach into our families food!
****REMEMBER to let me know if you are applying any of these tips in your own home and I will send you your own copy of The Healthy Home book as a gift!!****

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Jayma Malme said...

I'm loving this series you're doing, Shar. I saw those storage containers at maybe I should go back and get them to also switch to glass. Thanks for sharing these tips!