Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 1...February Follow-up!

Okay, to start this off I'm going to do a quick catch up. February was a busy month with Harrison's birthday and Valentines Day.

We decided to have a little party for Harrison. He wanted to have a rally race at the park with some of his friends. So lots of bikes and scooters, great weather, good food, and wonderful friends makes for a perfect four year old party!

He opened a few gifts from mom and dad before the party. ALL he wanted was "Ken Block" clothes which means anything with "DC" on it. He was super excited about his Travis Pastrana too!

Party Time!

This year's Valentines Day was a little different since Ryan is in school full time and had class all day. Harrison and I decided to celebrate it together at Legoland. A perfect momma and son date! Then we came home and decorated and made daddy's favorite meal to surprise him when he got home that evening.

The hearts were complete with 14 things we love about Daddy and on the menu was Ryan's favorite Salmon Salad with fresh french bread with olive oil and vinegar for dipping and some sparkling pomegranate juice! Even though it wasn't the most romantic day, I got to spend it with both my boys and it honestly couldn't have been better!

Day 1 of Healthy Home challenge:

I LOVED this tip from the book and ladies, I'm pretty sure you will love it too! It costs nothing and will improve our lymphatic flow!

From the book,

"Constrictive fabric acts as a tourniquet, hindering critical lymphatic circulation. Lymphatic flow is a delicate process that carries nutrients, removes waste, and fights germs throughout the body."

The book also mentions that it is a fact that, "women who come from cultures in which bra wearing is the norm are more likely to get breast cancer than women who don't."

The Healthy Home Simple Solution:

Reduce stress on your lymphatic system for at least a few extra hours a day by removing your bra when you're in the privacy of your home!

Done and done...that was easy!


Brandon and Katie said...

I'm so happy you're taking on this challenge! I will get to read about your life everyday! Fun!! And I'm excited for these tips you're going to share. I'll be honest, since I'm nursing I never take off my bra but usually i just wear a "support" bra so no wires, etc. Tmi? Haha!

Ps- Steele has been eating better which I'm so happy about. The trick: Brandon has to feed him. Interesting huh? Today he ate oatmeal, sweet potatoes, a little apple, peas and cottage cheese. Woaw! Sounds like a lot now that I write it out. Sorry for the novel

Dax said...

Love that tip. I'm bra-less as I type this.

Somer Love said...

Dax I am bra-less as I type this too. ;)

But nothing new I hate wearing them and hardly ever do no I have a great excise not too!

Loving the challenge Shar!