Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 6...What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

No, I did not give up on my 30 day challenge. I just couldn't pass up an invitation from my mom to spend the week relaxing with her in sunny Las Vegas! On Mothers Day, I headed to Vegas with my mom and my son and we have been simply having the most fun week ever! Mostly relaxing by the pool, but we've ventured out a few times. I continue to feel stronger every day and think this week has been great therapy : )

More details about our adventures and lots of pictures to come!!

Until then, I will leave you with a healthy home tip that doesn't require me to be at home to apply! This is a perfect tip considering what I've been up to this week...

Day 6 of Healthy Home Challenge:

Got sun?!?!

"In recent years the media has given sunshine a bad rap...the truth is that the health benefits of moderate exposure to the sun outweighs the risks. Exposure to the sun causes us to produce vitamin D, and vitamin D is probably the closest thing we have to a miracle vitamin."

Just a few of the benefits:
strong bones and teeth
regulates immune system to ward off infections
helps to prevent certain cancers
slows the aging process
and triggers the release of serotonin promoting a positive mental outlook

No wonder I'm feeling so happy this week! Another free and easy tip...get some sunshine this week!

I will resume the challenge when I get home in a few days, stay tuned.

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The Nixon Family said...

So fun for you! I'm glad you're getting to relax with momma and son. I def follow your get in the sun tip! I just got to eat In N Out with the kids at our park! It was heaven because it was a beautiful day and because In N Out just opened a mile from my house! A little bit of home just got a lot closer to me! I'm loving your blog. Keep it up!!! And I too thought, "Harrison is STILL four!" :)

Brandon, Eliza, Annie & Ethan said...

Sharlie-Thanks for posting these great home tips! I just started reading them today and was glad to know I was not to far behind in what we already do. I am excited to learn more and get our house in an even better state! Eliza (Richards)

KMiles said...

Very good advice! If the sun will shine this week we will be out! I also just started reading your blog (through somer love) I had a baby 3 weeks ago that was diagnosed with CF. We are just starting our new life with a CF baby and getting to know the community! Thanks for your blog!