Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 5...Walking away from my (health) problems...

I was blessed enough to attend my beautiful cousins wedding last month and although I have no regrets, the trip left me struggling health-wise. She was married in Utah and my mom and I drove and planned to stay for just a few days. I had been feeling strong and felt confident that I would do fine. I brought my portable oxygen concentrator with me in case I needed it.

Well, I was surprised at how breathless I was. I needed to be on my oxygen nearly the whole time. I have spent so much time in Utah over the years but this trip was really hard and it was eye opening. I'm realizing that my body is definitely not as strong as it used to be. My baseline has dropped and even just a few days at a higher altitude affected my lungs more than I expected.

Anyway, my mom and husband were both understandably worried and wanted to get me into the hospital right away. However, I felt like I was just there as I did 5 weeks of I.V.'s in February and March and couldn't do it. I just couldn't go in. I told them to give me a few days to rest and try to recover on my own.

Against Ryan's wishes, I dragged myself onto my treadmill. I cranked up my oxygen to 5 liters and just went slowly, very slowly. It was so tough the first time especially because my lungs were so tight. I kept a careful watch on my saturation and just kept going.

Everyday, I have been feeling more energy. I am definitely not back up to 100% but I'm honestly convinced getting on my treadmill despite feeling like I should actually be going to the ER prevented me from ending up there!

This week I got on the treadmill five times and walked a mile each time I got on. I have resolved to make this even more a part of my health routine as I can really see how it has helped me overcome this set-back.

P.S. Here's a picture of the gorgeous bride....have you ever seen something so beautiful it made you cry?! I wept when I saw Ali, she is an angel in my life and I will never forget being there on her special day! Totally worth it : )

Day 5 of Healthy Home Challenge:

This is another tip that costs nothing and is so easy to do.

The book talks about how toxins enter our homes and one of the ways is through our shoes. "Toxins don't just waft it--they also walk in." When we walk in our homes, our shoes track in dirt and other contaminants that can be harmful...especially if we have kids who are playing on the floor!

The simple solution is to have a basket by your door or a shoe rack in the garage where you can remove your shoes before entering the house. Of course you don't need a basket or a rack, the important part is just to remember to remove your shoes before walking through your house!

I put a basket by our front door so we can have a place to put our shoes when we come into the house. Easy!

****REMEMBER to let me know if you are applying any of these tips in your own home and I will send you your own copy of The Healthy Home book as a gift!!****


-syd said...

Shar...I feel so sad/scared/relieved/grateful. Words can't express what it meant to have you there. Had I known the outcome I would not have let you come. I love you so much!! Happy Mother's Day.

Collette Larsen said...

Hi Honey -

Just caught up on your blog. Great posts...and you're reminding me to live healthier. I'm bra-less as I write so I guess it runs in the family. Love you and Happy, Happy Mother's Day!


e & a said...

I love you.
I just read this post and was so surprised. I'm sorry that you got worse after coming to Utah. It really did mean the world to me that you were know this I know. I'll keep you in my prayers and you keep me on your list of phone calls needing to be returned :) love you

Emilee said...

Keep working hard! I have a new resolve to work out. I've kind of lost my desire since the baby got here. I do believe it has helped my health after I had Cambree. I pray you can continue to get stronger and avoid the hospital!