Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 8...Labels!

Since I am trying to update my blog during this blogging challenge, I decided to add some labels. I am not even half way through my posts but I thought this would give people who are just stopping by a good idea of who I am and what I like to write about.

Day 8 of Healthy Home Challenge:

There is a whole section in the book about sleeping and how to improve our sleep patterns. Since I am off to bed right now, I thought this was an appropriate topic for today's tip!

One of the things that can affect our sleep is a cluttered bedroom.

"A getaway to a five-star hotel makes many of us feel more amorous. For most, it's what is not in the hotel room that puts us in the mood. Gone are the piles of laundry, stacks of bills and stressful conversations that so often await us in our master bedrooms at home. Make your bedroom a place of refuge, where nagging tasks and stressful arguments aren't allowed."

This totally makes sense to me. Since just returning home from a wonderful vacation, I could totally relate to this and realized that I have let my bedroom become a place that is much more cluttered than I would like. Unfortunately there are piles of laundry and toys and books and to-do lists that are adding up! De-cluttering is easier said than done and can be a process. I'm going to break it up and work on one area at a time. Tonight I am going to organize my bedside table and eliminate the clutter! Join me!

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