Saturday, February 12, 2011

He's FOUR...where's the Pause button?!

As much as I am absolutely loving this phase with Harrison right now, tonight as I was cuddling him and singing him to sleep, I couldn't help but want to press pause! I was thinking about the most incredible day of my life, four years ago, and how quickly time has seemed to pass. I remember the details of that day really like it was yesterday and I remember how I wept and wept with joy when they put Harrison in my arms and now he is this big boy using words like "referring, approaching, and insane" and saying phrases like, "my colon's full!" and "are you kidding me?" and "I don't want to talk about that right now" when he senses he's about to be scolded.

Despite my best efforts to enjoy each moment with an awareness of the preciousness of this blessing I have of being a mother, I find myself sometimes wondering where the time has gone and how it slipped by so sneakily in defiance of my diligence! Harrison is a constant teacher to me of what passion and joy look like as he illustrates these qualities in literally every minute whether he's listening intently to "Hey Jude", revving his engine to "drift" throughout our house, riding his scooter along the beach sidewalk, dancing wildly to "Thriller", or imitating every fall while watching the X games exclaiming, "mommy, you're Ken Block and I'm Travis Pastrana!!"

This year has been like every other since his birth...filled with the most wonderful moments and laughter and overwhelming love! Here are a few of my favorite moments caught on camera:

Pretending to be Paul McCartney

Being silly with the glasses sent from Aunt Chels

Lining up the Monster Trucks before they "freestyle"

Running around the fountain at Balboa Park

Singing the new Brandon Flowers song, "Crossfire"

Playing "Angry Birds" (he's better than I am!)

Taking a walk around the lake,
drinking from the camelback was his favorite part of that walk : )

On daddy's shoulders, conquering his fear of heights ...
he didn't last up there too long!

These moments actually pretty much sum up our lives right now. He is into music - Micheal Jackson is his recent obsession, rally cars, monster trucks, being silly, x games, preschool, peewee sports, being with his friends, and spending time with mommy and daddy. He especially loves mommy/son dates to the beach, trips to the library, when daddy gets home from school, eating grapefruit, putting stickers on his Book of Mormon reading chart and cuddling at night!

I am even more determined to savor every minute this year and not let them pass me by too fast! Happy Birthday Harrison, you are the joy of my life!


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Liza Ferraro said...

Hi Sharlie!! Oh I'm so happy to read your post, you are awesome. Happy Birthday to Harrison!! My TaylorRae is 9 already! Wow you are right ...where is the pause button. xoxo u and your whole family, Liza

Cormorant said...

What a sweet boy and a sweet post! He is such a fun person and I'm so glad you have him.

Katey said...

Happy Birthday to Harrison!! He is so precious and I know he is such a blessing!

The Larsens said...

Thank you Sharlie and Ryan, for capturing special moments and for sharing them. It's hard to believe how fast these little angels grow up! Harrison is such a bright and lively little boy. It's fun to hear how he is doing. Love, Mike & Jenny

Somer Love said...

I am not to good at angry birds either.

He is getting so big and so grown up.... A reminder that miracles do happen!

Love you!