Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Miracle Preceding the Miracle...

I am praying for the miracle of a new heart and new lungs that will allow me to take a deep breath, which is something I have never done before. I believe in miracles and I feel a peace and a calm reassurance that my family and I will be blessed with this miracle.  However, whatever the outcome of this journey will be, this is a truth... we have ALREADY EXPERIENCED A MIRACLE!

We have been overcome with emotion and gratitude these past few months as those around us have rallied to support us in so many ways. Our families, our friends, church friends, high school friends, facebook friends, CF friends, USANA friends, fellow bloggers and even strangers have enveloped us in a tight knit cocoon of strength and love that has held us steadfast in faith and hope. The fear, worry and anxiety that could abound in this situation has been completely replaced by gratitude and love. There is no time to be anxious, worried or afraid because I am too busy being overwhelmed by the innate goodness of people and absorbing the light and love being sent to me through Facebook, e-mails, my blog and our fundraising site!! It fills my heart and leaks out my eyes!!

There is a reason this blog is called Sharlie's Angels. No matter how difficult our challenges are, I believe our Father in Heaven is aware of every single one of us and knows exactly how to comfort and succor us. Throughout my life, I have been surrounded by these earth angels who lift me in my most vulnerable times. As we began this transplant journey, it was no exception. We have been so humbled by the angels that quickly encircled us during this time of need. Amazing things have happened since we started down this transplant road. As I said, it has been a MIRACLE. A series of miracles really. In my next few posts, I want to highlight a few of my angels and how they have helped ease our burdens.

To start this off, I want to express my gratitude to Jessica Erickson and Mique Provost.  In one of my earlier posts I wrote, "Ask NOT and ye shall RECEIVE!" Before I had even started this transplant process, Jessica urged us to set up a medical account so she could start fundraising for my upcoming transplant or any other medical costs. It's amazing how she perceived this need without me ever asking anything of her. That is the kind of friend she is. Jessica is truly like a sister to me and has always been there for me (for 24 years!!). Mique is also like a sister, a wonderful older sister! I love these girls and their whole family with all my heart. Yesterday I went online and discovered that Jess and Miq had put together this amazing shop. Seriously?! How did I get so lucky to have best friends like them?! See, I told you...ANGELS!

They appealed to the creative online community that they are an integral part of and so many of their wonderful friends who don't know me rallied around them. They donated tutorials, printables, and advertising spots. Each purchase made in the Shop will go straight to my medical fund.

These are the generous people that donated items for the shop:

 Aly from Blossom & Vine                                                   
Amanda from Every Creative Endeavor
Amy from the Idea Room
Andrea from Knitty Bitties
April from Funky Vintage Lovely
Ashley Ann from Ashley Ann Photography
Danyelle from Dandee Designs
Deanna from Domestic Chicky
Desiree from the 36th Avenue
Emily from Emily Sparks Handmade
Emmy from Much Ado About You
Heather from Angel Face Designs
Heather from Whipperberry
Jamielyn from i {heart} Nap Time
Julie from Joy’s Hope
Kendra from My Insanity
Kristyn from Lil’ Luna
Lara from Less Cake More Frosting
Linda from Craftaholics Anonymous
Lindsey from the Pleated Poppy
Megan from Brassy Apple
Nicole from Olive Blue
Rebecca from Simple As That
Stephanie from Somewhat Simple
Summer from Domestic Nest
Traci from Beneath My Heart
I am so grateful to Jess and Miq for their never-ending love and support and to all the women that stepped up to help them help me!! Angels abound!!


Katrina said...

Hi Sharlie,

I'm not sure if you would remember me or not but I go to church with Zach and Kelli. I don't know if they shared this story with you or not so I thought I would type it out for you.

My husband and I are in the process of adopting a little girl with Down syndrome from Eastern Europe. As you can imagine, it is a very costly process. So we decided to ask people to donate items they no longer wanted for our community garage sale.

I announced it on Facebook and was surprised when a lady from San Diego that I had only meet once at an adoption function, wanted to drive 1 hour and bring me a bunch of stuff.

Once she got out here I thanked her and told her how grateful I was that she would be willing to drive all that way. She told me that her stuff had been donated for a different fundraising garage sale and that she just felt it was important that the left over stuff came to me.

I told her at least the people who donated it would know that it was going towards another adoption. That is when she completely took me by surprise. She told me that the garage sale had been for a women from church who needed a double lung and heart transplant. I just stood there in a daze.

I started to cry as I asked if the lady's name was Sharlie. She said yes and I told her how I had met you and how I went to church with your brother. Also, that my family had been praying for you.

I can't tell you how much that experience touched me. I was having a tough day and feeling inadequate for the task at hand.

So God reminded me that He loves me and that He loves you and that we are not alone.

I do not know if you will ever fully realize how much your journey has inspired and blessed others.

Carlene's soon to be momma :)

LongRoadAhead said...

I stumbled upon your blog yesterday. I saw something on twitter that Snap! had posted.

Those are some awesome friends you have! I would love to help more than just announce it on Twitter and Facebook.

My husband is currently waiting for a heart transplant at Stanford and the fundraising has been just at stressful as everything else.

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I bookmarked your blog so I can check back often.


Sherri said...

I hope your miracles just keep on coming. I'm sure with your faith they will. Hugs to you along your transplant journey.

[BrookeO] said...

Love you.

Jessica @ Nuchey's Mommy said...

Wishing you the best in your journey for a transplant! THe shop for Sharly site is everywhere in blogland :) What great friends ~ I will spread the word! You most certainly are an inspiration ~ you are in my prayers!

{darlene} said...

I am honored to meet you here in blogland, and pray for you.
I just posted about you :)
Dear one, you will remain in our prayers!

In His Grip,
{darlene} @ fieldstone hill design

Perfecting Pru said...

Hi, I came over from Darlene's blog. I'm sending you and your family all of my best wishes and kind thoughts.


Jen Larsen said...

When we read your posts you make us leak out our eyes! We love you Shar! Prayers, kisses and hugs from Malaysia!

Hazen5 said...

We love that Jessica, she is awesome!

Just thinking of you.

Mandatory Metal said...

You are such an inspiration, thank you for being who you are.