Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Sweet Mother's Helpers...Summer update #2!

This summer when I got out of the hospital, we flew two of my adorable cousins here to help me with Harrison while I continued doing my treatments at home. What can I say? I wanted to adopt these cuties and never let them go home!!! We had a blast and Harrison absolutely loved all the extra attention! Unfortunately, the week went way too fast!

On one of the days they were here, Ric took the three of them on a Harbor Cruise. He got some great photos, here are a few of my favorites:
When he pulled into my mom's driveway, I cracked up at all of them conked out in the back of his truck! Evidence of a pretty fun day?!?
It was sure hard to let these girls go home to Utah. I made them PROMISE we would have a repeat week next summer and the next...

Not only were they such an incredible help to me at a time when I needed them, I also just had so much fun with them, watching movies before bed and staying up late talking, having them come to Young Women's with me, and seeing them interact with Harrison! I know the week they were with us will be a highlight of the year for Harrison but it was also definitely a highlight for me!

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Jen Larsen said...

That trip meant the world to Chloe! She loves you guys so much! She says give Harrison big hugs! Love you!