Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 16...that's day 16 in the hospital. Nurses beware!

Believe me, I've had a few good cries here and I could tell you all about how C.F. sucks, but I'm not going to.

Instead I'd rather tell you about the moments in here that made me laugh, made me happy and gave me hope.

Whenever I get admitted, I can count on adorable notes and pictures from my nieces and nephews to cheer up my hospital walls. This time around, Sophie's note just cracked me up! My favorite lines were, "I think it's SO cool that you are so brave. I would never be able to survive with all the blood that you've seen. And, I can't believe how many things you've been through in the hospital and out! It's SO cool. You bewilder me."

Another thing I can count on is amazing support from my family. They completely rally around me and reassure me that I am not alone in this. My big sister Chelsea who I wrote about a few posts ago, arranged to fly here from Maryland the very hour she learned Ryan was taking me to the E.R.

She has four kids at home and is such a busy mom, I tried to tell her that I would be fine but she insisted on coming. I would have never asked her to leave her family but when all was said and done, I don't how I would have survived that week without her. My mom was in Israel and Ryan needed to be home with Harrison and Chelsea was just there for me when I needed her most. Ryan's parents, Zak and his family, Dax and his family and Suedy were also there for me in such a huge way; calling, visiting, bringing food (including my favorite delicious persian food) and helping with Harrison. Being with my family makes me happy so even though it's hard to be stuck in the hospital, I treasure the time I get to be with my family wherever we are!

Another thing that makes me absolutely swell with joy is being with Harrison. When I am in the hospital, nothing brightens my mood more than a visit from my sweet boy. I always hear his giggles from all the way down the hall and I get so excited to see and hold him. Cuddling with him on my bed (even if he is pushing all the buttons and basically folding me and the bed in half) makes me so happy and motivates me to stay hopeful and keep fighting!

Ryan snapped these "instagrams" on his phone.
Watching cool videos on the computer

Lazy Sunday. Harrison is nestled into my legs while I take a little nap!

The last thing I'll mention is something that brings me hope and makes me so grateful. That is the outpouring of love and support I feel from my extended family and my friends. The messages of encouragement, concern, love and promises of prayers on my behalf are not taken lightly. I am so grateful for every prayer and every positive healing thought sent my way. They are like fresh sips of air that help lift the heavy burden off my chest. They renew my faith, strengthen my confidence and bring me joy. They cause me to again marvel at all the angels I am surrounded by and leave me with soaring gratitude in my heart instead of worry or fear.

I just learned I am going home today and despite the rough few weeks I've experienced, I am leaving feeling very blessed!

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-syd said...

You are such a strength to our family and we are ever grateful for your amazing example of hope, faith and love. Thank you isn't enough.

Emilee said...

I am so glad you are home now and so glad that you have so much love and support it helps so much! Love and prayers for you Shar!

Jenny Livingston said...

So happy you are home, Sharlie! And what an uplifting 'hospital post' - a great reminder to focus on the good and find beauty even in pain. You simply "bewilder me". ;)

Christine said...

Shar- You amaze me over and over. You are constantly pouring life and love back to everyone around while your fighting for life and wholeness. Thinking about you so much right now. Always in my prayers. Love, Christine

Lisa Moseley said...

WOW!!!!! What an inspiration you are Sharlie!!! I often feel whiny, but your entire attitude of.."I am so blessed" is radically uplifting and a great reminder to me NOT to take health for granted. Be Blessed!!!! You mean so much to so many! :) Lisa

Amorology said...

Shar..I just love you so much! So happy that you are home..I feel like I always learn that you are in the hospital after the fact. You've been in my thoughts and prayers you sweet girl. So glad Chels was able to come out and be with you. love with that picture of harrison and you taking a nap too. Just the cutest.