Friday, May 7, 2010

I get by with a little help from my friends...

Tina and Jackson, Brooke and Zachary, Me and Harrison, Laurie, Steph with Brady (Brooke's) and Keri and Noah

I am lucky enough to have a group of friends that have remained in touch since High School. Actually I knew most of them in elementary school. They are some of my most precious angels. My love and respect for them only deepens with time and I treasure every get-together we pull off! We missed the girls that couldn't make it but are determined to persevere until we can all be together in one place at the same time : )

This last get-together was especially fun as all the moms brought the babies along and the crazy thing is....they are ALL boys!! What are the odds?! We had five little boys with us and we were missing Jess's two! Here are some pictures from our fun day which started out with brunch at Stephs and ended with a late lunch at our favorite Encinitas hang out, Ricos!

There was a lot of picture taking going on!

Keri and Noah

Brooke and Brady

Tina and Jackson

Adorable Aunties!

Harrison and Zack bonded over trains and cars

All the gabbing women were making Harrison tired : )

Ryan made a surprise visit to snuggle the kiddos!

Time for lunch!!!

Ted surprised us with shirts for all the boys: our initials and "My mom is prettier than your mom!"

I can't wait for the next girls day...or trip : )

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