Monday, January 10, 2011

2010 Holiday JOY!

I haven't blogged for way too long...a combination of blogger's block and lack of time. However, we had such a wonderful Christmas and New Years and I want to at least get some pictures up. Harrison really started understanding Christmas this year and we made some funny and precious memories with him, including his first time meeting Santa! I'm not sure what he loved more, meeting Santa or dancing along to the band playing Christmas music!

Christmas Eve at Zak and Kelli's home:

Christmas Morning:

Christmas Day with family:
Kaya and Harrison exchanged gifts this year!

Off to church: (Harrison had to get a ride in before we left!)


Katelyn said...
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Katelyn said...

Sharlie, it looks like you had a fun Christmas! And the dress you wore to church is super duper cute!

kellibelli said...

i love the family photo!!! miss you guys!