Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Warriors!

What a great weekend! Ryan follows Jenny Cavnar on Twitter. She works for Channel four here in San Diego and she was giving away tickets for the Padre Game. He tweeted to her that he would love to take his wife to a game and he WON!!

We had no idea what kind of tickets they were but thought it would be fun to have a spontaneous date night. We dropped Harrison off at my mom's who so generously wanted to watch him for us...thanks mom! Then we headed downtown to Petco Park. We picked up our tickets at Will Call and and this funny old man giving us our tickets asked if we knew where we were sitting. We told him that we won the tickets and had no idea where they were. He showed us a map and pointed to the worst possible nose bleed seats and said, "you are way up here in the corner." We were kinda bummed but didn't really care. Then he giggled and said, "just kidding, you have awesome seats right behind First Base!!"

THANK YOU JENNY!! We had a blast!!

During the game Jenny came down and introduced herself, what a sweetheart she is! We told her about the funny old man who played a little trick on us! She said that her and her boss were trying to decide who to give the tickets too and then they decided on Ryan because they thought it was cute that he wanted to take his wife : ) Thank you for a fun date night honey! I don't know if you can tell how cool our seats are from this picture but I have never sat so close to the field before and it was so fun to be able to see the players chatting and blowing bubbles with their gum...definitely a different experience!

This weekend was also our Great Strides Walk. If you're not sure what that is, check out this post!! To be honest, we hesitated in being involved in GREAT STRIDES again this year, we were going to take the year off. We thought it would be hard to ask for help in this economy but then we realized that people with C.F. don't get to take a year off struggling to breathe and fighting this disease. We can't wait for the day that we don't have to "solicit" dollars for C.F. research, it has not been easy. However, we know we can't quit until the cure is found... my life depends on it!

In a last ditch effort to raise more funds, I sent out an e-mail blast to family and friends and was OVERWHELMED with the response I got!! As we were at the event I seriously struggled to keep the tears back while I thought about all the wonderful people (some of whom I don't even know!) who just poured out their love and gave what they could to support this cause that is so dear to our hearts!

They (The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation) have extended the deadline for donations so it's not too late to help! We know times are tough and seriously, it sounds cliche, but every dollar counts so even small donations are appreciated!! It's so easy, just click on the GREAT STRIDES Widget on the right hand side of my blog to go directly to my webpage. From there you can read part of my story and donate! I have never been so hopeful that a CURE for CF will be found SOON!! It is a day I pray for and anxiously anticipate. Here is a picture of my little family at the walk. Harrison is smiling despite having been woken up and taken from his warm bed at such an early hour : )


Katelyn said...

1. Those are GREAT seats, Sharlie! I can tell you two had a wonderful time.

2. You look so healthy and happy. I'm glad to see, and read, that you are doing so well! said...

That's awesome about the Padres game, I love that stadium. Downtown SD is one of my favorite places on earth.

And never by shy about asking for money towards CF. No money=No Cure
No Cure=Years of reading my blog That just wouldn't be good for anybody :)

Carina, Chris, Daisy, and Sarah said...

It is so fun to see pictures of your beautiful family! You look so happy. Harrison is such an adorable little boy! I love you so much!

Somer Love said...

Oh those are my stomping grounds, you were right next to my old condo... And where I saw the one and only Madge last year!

Ry you are such a cute husband to want to take her to the game. I am glad you guys had a good time!

Awesome job on Great Strides!

Emilee said...

so fun! I have always wanted to go to a baseball game.

John said...

Hi, Sharlie and Ryan! It's John Gore. You guys have a great blog (which I found through Pulsipher's blog). Anyway, imagine my surprise to learn you are following the literal girl next door - Jenny Cavnar, who literally grew up next door to me. Next time you see her, tell her I said hello!