Sunday, May 31, 2009

First Father/Son Campout!!

Ryan and Harrison had a little outing this weekend : ) Zak invited Ryan to attend his wards Father/Son campout and Ryan figured...what the heck, it'll be an adventure!! We wondered how Harrison would do but Ryan was willing to take the risk and went with no expectations.

They had a great time with Zak and Zachy and Harrison loved running around the campsite, watching the campfire and so much time with his daddy. Unfortunately, when it came time to go to bed he was a little confused! With some help from WALL-E on the iphone, he finally fell asleep but when he woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't figure out where he was or how to fall back asleep, the adventure had to come to an end. I got a call at 4 in the morning from my wonderful husband saying, "Can you come unlock the front door for me?"

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry but after we got Harrison into his comfy bed, Ryan assured me that they had a great time and he did not regret going so I was relieved! It will make for a funny story to tell Harrison about his first campout!

I was so glad Ryan got some photos before they made their early departure : )

The Set-Up

His favorite activity was collecting sticks and dirt in his bucket!

Exploring the site

He found his throne : )

Get me outta here!!

Thank goodness for WALL-E

Just chillin' in the tent with daddy!

I think we'll wait a few years before embarking on a camping trip again but next time I won't miss it!!


Katelyn said...

I imagine Harrison had fun. How smart to watch a movie on your i-phone. I never think of things like that!

jess said...

so good to talk to you last night. we sure miss you guys! i love that harrison's first camping trip sounds about as good as owen's last summer - he was pretty much up all night. :) we really want to go this summer since we are so close to the mountains and clint and i love it, but 2 babies in a tent? sounds like a recipe for disaster!! love you guys...

OceanDesert said...

What a wonderful dad/son day/night! :) You are so blessed with those boys, Shar!.. and of course, they with you.

Thank you for all your good thoughts sent my way ... I appreciate all your love, cysta.

Courtney said...

I completely sympathize with Harrison about this whole camping thing....sleeping under the stars is for the bears!! I think that Girls Camp permanently traumatized me from ever venturing into the great outdoors ever again.

Somer Love said...

RY your such a good daddy!

I can't wait til you can all go! Shar call me this week! I need a Shar fix!

Lance Kristi and Trey said...

Haha. I've wanted to take Trey camping, but I'm totally nervous about the whole sleeping thing as well. I'm glad to hear that he didn't regret doing it though:)