Sunday, March 15, 2009

Still Making Strides!


GREAT STRIDES is the largest national fund-raising event for Cystic Fibrosis and I am personally so grateful for this event and for the funds that have been raised by it. They have directly impacted my life because 90 cents of every dollar raised goes toward vital CF research and programs to improve the quality of life for me and others with CF. Our family has supported Great Strides for years and I plan on continuing to be involved until a cure is found!!

The thing that I love about Great Strides is how easy it is for everyone to be involved. It is really about getting A LOT of people to do A LITTLE (or a lot!!) Robert Beall,PH.D. who is the President of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation said, "In our quest to find new treatments and a cure for CF, there is no such thing as doing enough or doing it fast enough."

As a mom, and an aunt to a nephew and niece who also have CF, I feel this urgency every day of my life. I realize all of us with this disease are in a race against the clock that ticks too loudly sometimes and although I strive to find peace in faith and trust, I get scared sometimes and pray everyday for the scientists to find THE CURE!

Please visit my GREAT STRIDES WEBPAGE to read some of my story and to give just a little (or a lot!!)


Courtney said...


I don't think I have ever met anyone with as much passion for life or such a postitive attitude as you have. You are truly beautiful, inside and out. Thank you for your wonderful example.



P.S. Thanks for your blog comment the other day - it meant a lot to me!

Somer Love said...

loved the analogy with the clock... So true!

Love the new page!

crazy4danes said...

What a great post. I will definitely check out that website for sure. You have always impressed me as such a strong and positive person! I hope the cure comes soon! :)

kellibelli said...

Happy birthday to you today and to Ryan tomorrow! You guys are amazing and we need to watch American Idol with you soon!

Allison said...

Not sure you remember me but I have remembered you for so many years. I found your blog by looking through others blogs and am so glad that I found you :) Your blog is wonderful. I am so excited you have a little family and what a miracle it is. Thanks for being so positive and such an example to me. You look great!
Allison (Baer) Engel