Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Birthday My Sweet Jaydn!

As this Blog is titled "Sharlie's Angels," I must honor one of my special angels today on her NINTH birthday!! From the moment I learned Jaydn was going to make her way to our family I have absolutely been IN LOVE with her. She made me an aunt, a role I treasure and embrace! Jaydn and I bonded quickly and I can truly say I love her like a daughter. I am so grateful that Kelli was so generous in giving me opportunities to develop my relationship with Jaydn, from laying her beside me in bed as a newborn after she was done nursing to letting me babysit and have lots of one on one time with her! Jaydie, I love you sweetheart. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Here are just a few of my favorites...her baby pictures aren't digital and the hard copies are in a box in my garage : ), but here are some from the past couple years:

Jan. 04 - Girls Night In...a sleepover with my girl!

April 04 - One of my flower girls!

April 06 - Easter Sunday

April 09 - Jaydie's 9th Birthday Celebration!

I look forward to many more Birthday Celebrations... you are so special to me!


Zachary said...

Thank you Sharlie for the letter on your blog. I love you so much and I hope I can see you again soon. You are the best aunt!

I love you,


The family said...

SO cute and such a pretty girl!

Lance Kristi and Trey said...

she seems like a sweety. and what a fun aunt you are:)

Stacy Harmer said...

How lucky to have you as an aunt!!! You're the best, Shar.

Love you,


Somer Love said...

LOVE the pic of you with your beauty masks on!

Did you cut your hair? It looks FAb! Last day for sherbet I am headed to the store now :)