Sunday, December 7, 2008


It's been two weeks since I returned home from Sanoviv and I am reaping the benefits of the treatments I received there! There is just no place like Sanoviv to get grounded and retreat for a time into an environment that it is entirely about healing mind, body and spirit. It involves intense medical treatments, vigorous detoxing, healing food that is live, beautiful and delicious, education, friendship and encouragement, meditation, and complete pampering.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity I have had to spend time there every year and believe it is a huge factor in why I am so strong and doing so well. I am also grateful for such a supportive and loving family who helped make the whole experience possible. Ryan and I were there for the first week while my mom and Ryan's mom took turns taking care of (spoiling!) Harrison. As hard as it was for me to be away from my baby, I knew he was in the BEST hands and was having so much fun with his beloved Granparents! Then my mom was able to bring Harrison down for a day so I could be with him. Having him there was definitely the highlight of the was the boost I needed to make it through the rest of the week. Since his conception, he has been my most potent healer and his kisses, cuddles and laughter lifted my spirits and reaffirmed my desire to fight as hard as I am able to remain his healthy momma!

After Ryan and Harrison left, I was so blessed to have my mom, Zak and Chelsea there with me for the second week. Chelsea left her own three kids to be there with me and I appreciate that sacrifice more than she'll ever know. She is just always there when I need her and it was so great to spend that time with her. It was also wonderful to be with my mom and Zak who provided needed comfort, encouragement and comic relief among other things! It was very special to all be there together and I hope we get the opportunity again to be there together, including Dax!

Here are a few of the pictures that summarize my stay!

Scenic Views: The Sanoviv grounds are breathtaking and create the foundation for a healing experience. Every suite has an ocean view. The first picture is the view from our room and the second is the view from the nurses station.

Treatment Pictures: I actually wish I had more pictures of some of the treatments I received at Sanoviv. The first is a picture Ryan took right before the surgeon put me under and placed my subclavian catheter. It was through this catheter that I got my I.V. treatments twice a day and where they extracted my blood, ran it through ultraviolet light to oxygenate it and kill any harmful organisms and then injected it back into me. The second picture is me under the photon laser that treated my lungs.

Family Pictures:

Saying Goodbye to Wonderful New Friends:

Sweet, strong ALEC

Happy Birthday Deanna!

Love you Susan!

Beautiful Georgina and Margaret

Even though I realize the effects of Sanoviv are for my long term health, I am also feeling immediate results and hope that my stay there will help me have a healthy winter season!


Katelyn said...

It looks like you had such a wonderful healing time at Sanoviv!

Freddy and Mandy said...

I've yet to experience Sanoviv. That might have to be a birthday or Christmas gift to myself someday...

Christine said...

Wonderful post!! This makes me even more excited to go. Oh, I can't wait. Keep your fingers crossed for me that my kidney will stay strong so I can be there in February!!

Harrison is getting so big and yet looks so tiny next to Ryan!

Thank you for your message... Many blessings, love and hugs to you this week!! xo

Courtney said...

Oh my gosh, Sharlie, that place is beautiful!! Where is it? I'm glad that you had such a great stay, and I hope that you remain in good health for a long while. Merry Christmas!!

Jayma Malme said...

You are just glowing!

Anonymous said...

Please be careful at Sanoviv - Improperly applied treatments caused permanent damage to my wife's health, still dealing with the consequences 10 years later.