Wednesday, June 4, 2008

It's all GREEK to Me!

Or should I say "geek" to me?

My husband is now a "blogger!" He was given the opportunity to write for a Fantasy Baseball Website called Fake Teams. He will be writing for them twice a week. Check out his first article here.

It's all greek to me but I know two things now, I like "Bills" and Carlos Guillen has hemoroids...poor guy. Ryan, I am excited for you and proud of you...even if I do think you're kind of a sports geek : )

Spring Training '08


Somer Love said...

Congrats Ryan!! What a fun job I will have to agree with Shar tho Baseball is a lil greek to me too!

I love the hot dogs tho!

Freddy and Mandy said...

Shar, I love that you guys have a blog! Everyone is so beautiful! Harrison is a gorgeous, little kid! How blessed you are! We need to do a play date for sure!

Holly said...

Congrat Ryan! That sounds like a great opportunity! Very exciting!