Friday, May 30, 2008

Check out Rob!

Congratulations Rob! My mom and I heard Rob Carona play at the open house of our dear friend Lorrain's Yoga Studio. I was touched by his vulnerability, honest lyrics and penetrating voice. I was an instant fan : ) You can read more about him here.

Rob competed in a battle of the bands at Hard Rock Cafe to win the opportunity to open for Kenny Chesney in San Diego. There were four top performers who had won the US 95.7 internet poll and they all played on Tuesday night. Rob was awesome! He was full of fun energy, his performance was perfect and he WON!! He opened for Kenny Chesney last night and we've heard it was so great! Ryan and I went to Hard Rock to support him and cheer him on, I wish we could have seen him at the concert too.

Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of him at Hard Rock but here he is performing at the Yoga Studio Open house.

Here is the link to Rob's myspace website Notice his support of my Great Strides Walk on his blog : ) Thank you Rob!!

This guy is so genuine and I can't wait to see him fulfill all his dreams and succeed completely as an artist!

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