Saturday, August 27, 2011

We did not let Summer pass us by!

Although much of the summer revolved around my hospital stay and beginning this transplant journey, it wasn't all hospitals and transplant...

Summer is by far my favorite season and I was not going to let it pass us by! We enjoyed beach days, pool time, swimming lessons, s'mores, sunburns, being with friends and most of all, spending time with family! Here are some of the highlights!

We started off the summer with a little gymnastics class for Harrison. It was an attempt to improve his coordination. It may or may not have been successful : ) He was the only boy in the class and as you can see, he got a lot of help from the teachers!

We also enjoyed Ward Beach Days. We could only make it to a couple of them but we had a blast!
(All the mom's were so good about helping me and running after Harrison!)

Through a friend, we found the BEST swim teacher ever! She gave Harrison private lessons in my mom's pool. She was so reasonably priced and it was the best money we spent this summer. She was so great with Harrison! And after only five half hour lessons he was totally swimming on his own.
(Of course Lamby watched over all the lessons!)

One of the best things that happened this summer was the birth of my darling angel nephew Drexel. We are all so excited to have him as part of our family!! He is the fifth child of Zak and Kelli.
Harrison and I meeting Drexel for the first time, I couldn't stop kissing him!

It's truly amazing how my family and friends rallied around me this summer and helped not only me, but more importantly, Harrison create several cherished summer memories! Despite the unique health challenges I faced these last several months, we will be able to look back on this summer and remember all the fun times we spent with the people we love! Stay tuned for a few more summer fun posts!


emilia. said...

sharlie! i'm so happy i found this blog! i love those pictures of harrison, and the video is totally cracking me up. thank you for being such a wonderful family to teach this summer. it was such a treat.

Somer Love said...

Um of course you didn't let summer pass you by! Did anyone tell you you're amazing today?!?!? Well just let me do just that.... YOU'RE AMAZING!!!!