Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 3 of TX Evaluation...I am not a number!

Well today was the big day. I met the "team" and found out if they thought I would be a good candidate for this procedure. The whole team meets every Monday and discusses the patients who they think are ready to be listed. They let me know that they would indeed be presenting my case on Monday and that I would hear from them soon after.

I felt reassured when the TX coordinator came in to take my picture. I wondered aloud why she was taking a picture of me and she replied that to this team, I am not a number. I am Sharlie. They will use my NAME, not a medical record number, when they present my case and will refer to me as Sharlie throughout the entire process. It reminded me of Sanoviv and the holistic approach they take with an emphasis on treating the whole person and it was refreshing and comforting to know that at Stanford too I would not be "a number." I continue to simply feel good about Stanford; the facility, the staff, and last but not least, the Transplant team.

There is one possible glitch and if you are praying, this is something specific that I will be praying for and would appreciate your prayers as well. In 1996 my right lung collapsed and is basically just a mass of scar tissue now. The only issue the Dr. talked to me about that could prevent the surgeons from accepting me as a patient is if they believe removing the base of the right lung with all the scar tissue will present serious complications. If that is the case, Stanford will not accept me to their program. Although that conversation made me feel a little uneasy, I am not focusing on this issue. I will deal with this only if and when I need to. However, I will be praying that this will not prevent me from being accepted and that when the time comes, the surgeons will be able to remove my lungs without any complications.

The day ended with another round of blood draws and again, it was a struggle. My poor veins decided to go on strike and it took two lab technicians, a cup of water, two heat packs and three attempts to get another large 12 vials of blood. My mom rewarded me with a trip to Whole Foods where I picked out my new favorite Fage Greek yogurt and a few perfectly ripe nectarines for dinner.

Tomorrow will be tough and I may not have the energy to do an update after the heart catheterization. I have to be at the hospital at 7 am where I will be prepped and sedated for the procedure. I was told that it takes a while to recover and come out of the sedation. I should be released at about 3:00 in the afternoon.

Thank you for your positive energy and prayers for a smooth procedure tomorrow!!

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Dax said...

Good luck tomorrow Sharlie. We'll be praying for you.

Stacy Harmer said...

Shar ~ Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences through all of this. I hope that today goes well for you. I know that you've heard it a thousand times or more, but you are so amazing and such an inspiration. I loved your post on Lexi's birthday. I know she is so close to you right now through all of this. Love you!

Zachary Ross said...

It was so nice to talk to you yesterday. You sound great! We love you so much and hope and pray you have another successful day!

Jessica Snyder said...

Good luck tomorrow Sharlie! I know everything will go smoothly. Your endurance is amazing. Thank you for the inspiration you provide. Our family has you in our thoughts and prayers.
Jessica Williams & Family

david said...

love you sharlie! we'll be praying for you and will be sure to have George include you in his prayers.

Lynn said...

sharlie, It was great finding your site. I will be right behind you. I start my evaluation for a lung tx next month. It is nice to have you Kind of pave the way in what I can expect. Hope the rest of the tests go well. Have you done any exercising tests yet? Lynn

Eric, Harmony, Skye, and Sydney said...

You are in our prayers, your strength amazes me!

TeamFigi said...

Your strength & perseverance is an inspiration to all that have met you. Stay strong Sharlie! I love reading your posts. Always keeping you AND your family in my thoughts and most definitely in my prayers.

Armonia said...

You are so brave!! we are all praying!
many hugs Sharlie!