Sunday, January 17, 2010

Vacation of a Lifetime!

90 Larsens on this Cruise Ship = BEST vacation EVER!!

What a blast we had! My generous uncles were in charge of the annual Larsen Family Reunion this year and decided to take us all on a cruise. It was seriously the highlight of our year and definitely one of the best reunions of all time!

Layover in Atlanta on our way to Miami...playing cards with Soph and Jaydie in the airport

Setting sail! Leaving Miami en route to Labadee.

First port, Labadee. This is what we woke up to!

Second port, Ocho Rios. Most of the family did Dunns River Falls. Mom and I went shopping : )
After we boarded the ship again and got our fill of self serve soft serve, we hit the pools!

Formal night
(my Grandpa is a Stud!)

A Highlight: Every night after dinner we would meet in the "Sky Lounge" for games (name game, mafia, psychiatrist, etc.) During the course of the cruise we picked up a few extra family members...Dustin was our favorite
(after a long night of games...about 2:00 am crammed into elevator on way to get hot cocoa! Set off the elevator alarm)

Another Highlight: Taking ridiculous photos at the photo stations. And even better; watching other people take ridiculous photos without knowing they are ridiculous : ) Witnessing the arrangement for this last picture (everybody involved, ie: the couple and the photographer were COMPLETELY SERIOUS) almost had me peeing my pants.

Hanging out on the boat...
is that Texas Hold em' ?!

Family meeting in one of the conference rooms

Abby and Tony got picked for the Newleywed game and we all gotta a little TMI : )

Rock Climbing on the Ship and the Winning Dodge Ball Team!!

I am so honored and blessed to be a part of this family...

Thank you Dallin and Randy for providing a way for us all to experience this amazing cruise together. There are not words to thank you for your generosity or to explain how much I love both of you!


Dax said...

Thanks for posting these pictures - what great memories.

Stacy Harmer said...

So much fun!! Thanks Shar -

Collette Larsen said...

These pictures bring it all back. What an incredible family...and what an awesome weekk!

Derek said...

awesome photos Shar.... especially loved that one of Marshall and Hailey with Collette and Ric in the background getting their picture taken. ;-)

Jake Larsen said...

Wow, these are fantastic!

Katelyn said...

Your family is huge!!

OceanDesert said...

Ok, will your family adopt me?? You guys look like you had a BLAST! Loved the pics!

RainierMonavie said...

From what I've seen of Dallin and Randy, looks like it's nothing but FUN, FUN FUN! You are lucky and thank you for getting up on the stage and sharing your story with the world in Anaheim.