Monday, November 9, 2009

Halloween Catch Up!

We've been in Lake Elsinore all week babysitting Zak and Kelli's kids while they spent a week in Hawaii so I have not had access to my pictures. And as we leave again tomorrow for a two week stay at Sanoviv, I wanted to get these Halloween pictures up. I may have to fill in some gaps when I return... including our fun stay with the kiddos!

Here's Harrison's Halloween party at the parent/toddler class we take at Mira Costa:

And here's some favorite's from Halloween night:

What a fun night with our little space ranger...he could not have been cuter! I didn't know how he would do but he just loved everything about Halloween, especially dressing up as Buzz. More to come in two weeks!

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Katelyn said...

He looked so cute, Sharlie!