Sunday, August 3, 2008

Moonlight Memories...

Chels is gone now and I am going through withdrawals already. I miss Ben's hilarious comments, Lauren's silly dancing, Ethan nuzzling into my neck and Cam's infectious enthusiasm for everything. I also miss just getting to talk with Chels without holding a phone to my ear! We are counting the days until we are with you again!!

We had such a fun filled couple of weeks packed with family activities. Here's a mosaic of our family night at Moonlight Beach.

Here's a photo of our girls trip to Glen Ivy Hot fun and relaxing!! Thanks mom for treating us to this amazing day!

And a few more of hanging out in Grandma Coco's spa : )

Those who know me know my family is what is most important in my life. I am so grateful for the love we have for one another and the memories we are creating together that fill my life with fun and meaning. I am grateful that I know how precious familial relationships are and know not to take any time I get to spend with my family for granted. Thank you Lexi for teaching me that... All who are reading, hug your family members a few extra times today in honor of Lexi : )


Christine said...

Ahhhhh you brought me to tears! What amazing pictures! Your mom was right a party everyday. Thats so amazing, so fun and what a blessing!

Loving the mud! hehe!

xoxo Chris

Somer Love said...

Love all the pics!! my favorite is the one where you girls are all muddy :0

Holly said...

It is so fun to see pictures of your family...and all those kids! How fun!!!

Emily said...

Hey sweet friend,
Thanks so much for your words of encouragement and constant prayers. Your strength and example always gives me courage to keep going as well. I do hope that one day we might be able to meet and let our little miracles play together! You look great and I hope you are doing good. If you have time let me know how you are doing. Thanks again for your friendship!