Thursday, December 27, 2007

Baby's First Christmas!

I have pictured my baby's first Christmas in my dreams, how fun it would be and how much Joy I would feel as a mom on Christmas with a beautiful, happy family. My dreams fell short of the wonder of the real experience. The best thing was watching my son interact with the special people in his life. He was spoiled by his grandparents and many of his family members and even though at this age he was more interested in the shiny bows atop the actual gifts, I know he felt the love and the spirit of giving that makes this holiday his mom's favorite.

Christmas Eve at Grammy and Grampa's...

A magical Christmas morning... In my excitement I awoke early and impatiently waited for over an HOUR for Harrison to wake up. I had showered, dressed and made Harrison a hot bowl of apple, cinnamon oatmeal before he woke and it took all my will power to refrain from knocking on his door exclaiming, "HO HO HO" and shrieking, "Harrison, SANTA CAME, SANTA CAME!!"

Christmas Day at Grandma Coco's...

We all celebrated our early GIFT this year, precious Sawyer. Also, Happy Birthday to our sweet Addelaide! Chels, Cam, Ben, Lauren and were dearly missed, it is never the same without your presence.

I am so grateful for this holiday in which I can reflect on my Savior's birth, life and the gift of his Atonement. I love the power of this holiday to brighten spirits, strengthen relationships, and create unforgettable memories. I will treasure the Christmas of 2007 forever as this was a miraculous year for our family and Harrison's first Christmas! We were so blessed to share this holiday with our loved ones, near and far.

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Ryan said...

So this is what you were working on all night:) Love it Shar!