Tuesday, December 11, 2007

And then there were FOUR!

We've been unconnected these last few weeks as we watched Dax and Sanam's kids while they enjoyed a Caribbean Cruise! It was quite an adventure with a 6 year old, a 2 year old, a 1 year old and Harrison. Although we are very tired, it was so special to get that bonding time with Soph, Beck Beck and sweet Kaya. We already miss them dearly since we've been home! Harrison misses them too and I'm afraid he's extremely bored with just Ryan and I to entertain him around here : )

Some of the Highlights:

Beckett started every morning by saying, "I help Shawlie Bweakfast?" Then he would help me make my Nutrimeal and hand each pill to me individually, commenting on every one. "Oval!" "This one gwoss?" "Help get you better!" I had to watch and make sure he didn't squish the Biomegas and the Vitamin E all over himself as I know he was very tempted to!

Listening to Sophie talk... she is a talker! I love how her mind works and I find pretty much everything she says so adorable. She is so smart and funny. One of my favorite memories is of both of us just laying on Dax and Sanam's bed together while I did my breathing treatments. We both just read and it felt like I was laying there with my own daughter. I feel so blessed to have been able to watch Sophie grow up and be so close to her. She was such a great helper!

Bathing and Smelling Kaya. Her forehead is the sweetest smelling thing and every time I picked her up I would lightly brush my nose across her forehead back and forth and breathe in the scent, it was so fresh and innocent. I also loved bathing her as she would just sit straight up in the bath and let me lather her up...so cute! Not so cute when she leaned over in the bath and pooped amid squeals from Sophie and Beckett!! Thanks to Ryan's quick hands she didn't succeed in playing with it although she tried!

Watching Harrison interact with the kids was so fun. It was a constant Diaper Dearby. Anytime Kaya started crawling, Harrison would take off after her! He loves his cousins so much!

Thank you Dax and Sanam for having such adorable children and letting us bond with them and love them. We're game for another go whenever you need to get away : )

Kaya's Favorite Activity... playing with the Tupperware!

No mistaking who's dror this is!

Brave Sophie with her stylish sling after her fall from the Monkey Bars...

Our only break was when they were all sleeping or...

Harrison polishing the floor with spilled milk : )


Dax said...

Shar and Ryan,

Thank you so much for watching the kids while we were away. They had so much fun, and we were able to relax knowing they were in good hands. Beck woke up the other day and kept repeating "where Sharlie?" I think they miss you guys - you need to come over.


the smoots said...

Hi guys! This is Julianne and Meg Pratt - Chelsea directed us to your blog to read your thanksgiving post. Wow. We both sobbed our way through it and are amazed at your tender, sweet, grateful heart. Thank you for that uplifting and wonderful read. You are amazing! Merry Christmas!

Leah said...

I am so glad you have a blog. Harrison is seriously sooooo cute! I want to see him in person. We should have a playdate soon. Let's plan one.