Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Giving Thanks for Visitors!

We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! This house was filled with family and nothing is more healing for me!

First, Chelsea spent a few days here for some much needed mother-daughter time right before Thanksgiving. It was so great to have my sister here. We did some early Christmas shopping in San Francisco, talked and talked and ate and ate!! It was perfect and I am ready for her to come back!

Only a day after Chelsea left, Dax, Sanam and their family, Zak, Kelli and their family and Ric showed up to celebrate Thanksgiving weekend with us. Thanksgiving is definitely one of my favorite holidays and this was one I will never forget.

We did The Muppets, we did Huddart Park, we did Questa Park, we feasted, we played games and we had a blast!

Harrison and Mom outside the movie theater

Huddart Park

Thanksgiving Day
(I rocked Mastermind)

Such fun memories!

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