Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

  Los Altos Fall Festival:
Don't worry, Ryan and I usually don't wear matching shirts but this picture was taken on the "Virtual Out Run CF" day and we wore our shirts proudly. I pumped up my oxygen and walked two miles to out run CF! The shirts say: 2 Feet. 1 Goal. Out Run CF.
Harrison is loving all this quality time with Grandma Coco!

Celebrating Halloween with some new friends:
I was in charge of the snack and I went to "Pinterest" for a little inspiration. I also sent mummy dogs and both snacks were a hit!

 Trunk or Treat:
Warming up with some hot cocoa!
Finn Mcmissile: British Intelligence

 Halloween Night: Trick or Treating in a full-size candy bar neighborhood...score : )
There is a truck that looks just like Mater down the street from us. We go visit him regularly : ) Finn Mcmissile wanted to get a photo with his buddy Sir Mater!

I have to share this funny story. A boy came up to me at trunk or treat and looked at me and asked, "what are YOU?!" I was confused because I wasn't dressed up so I said, "Oh, I'm just a mom!" He gave me this puzzled look and then walked away. Ryan and I realized at the same time that he thought my oxygen tubes were part of a costume and started laughing. I commented that I really should have just swiped a gown from the hospital and gone as a CF patient!


e & a said...

cute post!!
loved the story and harrisons outfit! i feel like i haven't seen him forever! love you!

Emilee said...

You look as beautiful as ever Shar! I'm glad you had a good Halloween!