Friday, August 21, 2009

Kaltenbach Reunion by way of Denver...

Most would think it was crazy to take off for a family reunion in the middle of our move, and they would be correct. It was crazy... but it was so worth it and of course it worked out in the end. We were able to have a much needed break from organizing, sorting and packing and come back refreshed and ready for the big moving day! While we were gone the painters were able to complete painting the entire interior including all the cabinets so the timing really turned out perfect.

We headed to Denver a few days before we were supposed to meet the Kaltenbach Clan in Buffalo Wyoming. We wanted to spend time with my Uncle Chad and his family and see Keri's new baby Noah. We also wanted to take a trip down memory lane and revisit the scene of the crime. Boulder is really where Ryan and I fell in love with each other and knew we wanted to be together. We were anxious to see all of our favorite places in that awesome town. It was SO great to spend time with Chad, Robbi, Carly and Brock. Brock and Harrison became fast buddies!! It was also so great to see Keri, Rick, Keri's mom and precious baby Noah! I had just planned to give Keri's giant belly a kiss but since Noah decided to make an early entrance, I got to hold and cuddle him and it was wonderful!

After a few days in Colorado, we headed to Buffalo. This is where Terry, Ryan's dad grew up and it was so great to see the old house and the darling little town. As we drove down main street, Ryan said, "Don't blink or you'll miss it!" It was neat to reconnect with so many Kaltenbachs. Thank goodness Linda was there to introduce and explain who everyone was. There were several generations there and different lines so it got a bit confusing but really we were all just family!!

Harrison was so good and Terry and Linda were such a big help. Harrison definitely preferred hanging out in Grammy and Grandpa's hotel room : )

Some of the highlights were:

*watching Harrison play in Chad and Robbi's heaven!! We literally couldn't get him out!

*tattered cover- our favorite bookstore in Denver

*staying up talking to Chad and Robbi

*meeting NOAH!

*flat irons, 808, CU, pearl street, illegal petes, and subaru counting in Boulder :)

*Harrison being invited by a huge biker to sit on his Harley at a rest stop on the way to WY

*watching Harrison try to be one of the big kids at the park with all his older cousins

*visiting Dorothy and Chuck's cabin - SO beautiful

*Kevin's retirement ceremony

*Harrison being an absolute angel on both flights...not a peep! (Thank you Toy Story Two!)

Click on the collage to enlarge it for a better view!

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Thank you mom and dad Kaltenbach for making this amazing trip possible, we enjoyed it so much!!


Somer Love said...

YAY! An update ;)

So glad Ry got to go back to his old stompin grounds.

CAnt wait for this weekend!! So excited to see you guys! Did you end up getting a concentrator?

OceanDesert said...

Shar! First of all.. You look absolutely gorgeous.. Your skin and coloring GLOWS!

I so remember those days on the plane with the O2! I love Harrison's face as he drinks his juice... :)

Glad you got to get together with family!! That is the best! I have been through Buffalo quite a few times when I drove back and forth from home to college.. and Ryan's right.. if you blink you'll miss it! I only stayed the night there once. My girlfriend and I picked up some snowboarding guys outside of Buffalo (their car broke down) and we hung out in this ancient bar on Main Street. I'll never forget when we walked in, the bartender looked at us and said, "You're not from here, are you?" Ha!

Sounds like you and Somer are getting to hang out! Yay!!

Somer Love said...

There's a lil something on my blog for you! It's to help you ;) XOXOXOXOX