Saturday, April 19, 2008

Counting the days until we are with you again...

These are truly the experiences that enrich my life and color my days...spending time with my family is the most important thing to me and we had such a blast in Maryland with Chelsea's family. I hesitated to go because I am always weighing the pros and cons of traveling and the effects a trip could have on my health but Ryan and I prayed about me going and we both felt a peace that everything would be fine. That assurance was all I needed! We knew that taking Harrison to see his cousins and spending a week with the kids would be a highlight of my year and I certainly will treasure the time I had with them. Ryan generously packed us up and sent us on our way. He wanted to go too but I said I needed some sister, mother time and he selflessly let me go and take his world (Harrison) with me!

It was wonderful to have so much one-on-one intimate time with Ben, Lauren and Ethan. When Chels and her family travel here for the summers, I have to share the kiddos with the rest of the family and really can't compete with the eager cousins for private time with them so to be able to see them in their own element and get all that cuddle time with Ethan was such a treat!

Here are just a few of the hundreds of pictures we took : ) What can I say, I love taking pictures of cute kids!

Jumping on the moon bounce in the basement was Lauren's favorite thing to do! Harrison caught on pretty quick...

Grandma, Harrison and I were so honored to be there as Ben accepted his "Character Counts Award" and placed his handprint on the school pillar...Good Job BEN!!

We had so much fun at the park...

I didn't think Harrison could enjoy the bath anymore than he already does but we threw in his cousins and he couldn't contain his delight. He even let Lauren wash his hair!

Ethan is our little rolly-polly-drooly-cuddle-bug and I could not get enough of him. Harrison adored him too, as long as mommy wasn't giving him ALL her attention : ) Harrison loved to walk in the double stroller with his cousin, in only a year or so there won't even be a noticeable difference in their age and they are going to be running around together! ...Ethan is also our little lifegaurd in training! I can't wait for the summer when we can get all the boys together in their Australian lifegaurd gear!

Unfortunately we didn't get to spend much time with Cam as he was traveling for business most the time we were there. We misssed him but felt so blessed to be with Chels and the kids. As much fun as it was to be with the kids, it was just as great to be able to sit around Chels's kitchen table with her and my mom after the kids were in bed, fighting our heavy eyelids and talk into the late hours about motherhood, marriage, the gospel, and just catching up. Chels, we love you so much. Thank you for having us!! Let's make this an annual tradition!


OceanDesert said...

Sharlie! These pix are great! I can see the sparkle in all of you guys' eyes and that you're pleased as punch to have had that time together! Sooo happy for you! ... May favorite is of the little ones konked out in the stroller with their pacifiers!

Emily said...

Hey Friend~ First of all, thanks again for your encouraging words to me. It means so much from someone who knows the battle we fight yet continues to have the faith and hope in Christ to face those mountains.
Ok, on to other things...=) I loved all the pictures from your trip. Family is everything, I just loving being with mine as well. I'm so glad you were able to go out and be with your sis. You two look so much a like. I bet it was great fun being with one another, sharing each others kids, and just having sister time. Sisters are so special. I have been so blessed by my sis.
Glad you are safely home though and hope you are feeling good.

Grandma Syd said...

Thanks Shar for sharing such a fun post of your trip. I love that I'm a great aunt to all those adorable kids even though it is quite often over the internet. Love you!